RBI Follows Leonard Orr’s Lineage

Leonard Orr’s Lineage specifically involves only conducting rebirthing in individual sessions. One-on-one sessions encourages healing the breathing mechanism, allowing the breath release to safely occur, and provides the opportunity to hold the Client in a safe and supported place with each breath.

Since Leonard introduced Rebirthing many styles of Breathwork have emerged which use a circular connected breathing rhythm working in a group setting. Group Breathwork has its merits but this is not done in Rebirthing Breathwork for many reasons, all of which are covered within the training curriculum.

Rebirthing Breathwork International is dedicated to continuing the breathwork style and teaching of the original founder of all conscious connected breathing – Leonard Orr.

Leonard Orr’s Lineage includes:

Spiritual purification techniques which use the four elements:

  • Air – high quality individual rebirthing sessions in a private safe environment
  • Water – twice daily bathing
  • Fire – sitting with the fire twice daily
  • Earth – fasting and exercise
  • Learning about Physical Immortality and Immortal Yogis

Spiritual psychology – Unravelling the Conscious Mind

The Personal Law

The Energy Cycle

Prosperity Consciousness<

Professional Success

The Money System

Enlightened Politics

The Biggies of Human Trauma

Conscious Birth and Birth Types

Past Lives

Inner Child

Wisdom of the Eastern Yogic Scriptures

Leonard Orr Books Website

Babaji & the Immortal Masters Audio

Recorded from Leonard’s live teleseminar series; Ask Leonard Orr.

Since 1977 Leonard Orr has had many encounters with Babaji and other immortal yogi masters. Hear what he has to say about Babaji, the immortal masters, and the science of living in this dynamic seminar.

Rebirthing Video

A film by Pablo Torres – Includes English and Spanish versions. Filmed in Spain, 2009 during a rebirthing and Spiritual Purification training with Leonard Orr and Fanny VanLaere. 

Money & the 5 Biggies Audio

Recorded live at the Rolf Institute; Leonard speaks about the human experience with money, prosperity, and success in relationship to healing the 5 Biggies of human trauma; birth trauma, parental disapproval, school trauma, religion trauma, and past lives.