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Sulochana was born in the capital of Hungary, Budapest.

She finished her studies with a degree in international business. Although she quickly established a career in her homeland, already the Sagittarian fire of her birth sign was burning in her heart to move on, and before long she had relocated to Germany where she flourished intellectually and expanded her experience and horizons.

Within a few years, she had once again returned to her native land. Establishing this time, a highly successful export and supply company, the year was 2000.

Many others would have been happy to sit back and reap the benefits of this new and increasingly material success. But for Andrea a growing feeling of unrest was taking hold within her being.

Again she entered the world of academia, led by a quest to realise some meaning to the material emptiness she rapidly perceived her life to be.

This time she was to seek out more, as she felt, soul sustaining subjects, and so entered; The Mantra Parapsychology College, Budapest, to study a range of subjects which included parapsychology, astrology, numerology, energy work and breathing therapy. At the same time she also studied, transpersonal psychology and Rebirthing at Transpersonal Psychology and Breathing Institute.

By 2004 she had graduated and started working part time as a Rebirthing Facilitator.

She still had more to accomplish and so within a year she arrived in India and quickly felt at home in that country and the spiritual life of the ashram community where she was introduced to yoga.

All this was a time of great change and transformation for her. The yoga and meditation, which she was by now practising daily, of course played a part, but sometimes the time is just right for something and for Andrea this was that time.

This change brought with it feelings of peace, contentment and fulfilment.

At the same time she was introduced to the great guru and spiritual leader, the Sri Sathya Sai Baba, further increasing this life altering realisation within her. Never again would she be able to view life the same, her transformation was almost complete.

Upon returning to Hungary she continued to move more and more into the direction of spirituality. Greatly inspired by her recent meeting with Sai Baba, her previous life in business was being slowly but surely abandoned as she come to fully embrace this new found spirituality.

Spurred on by this meeting and with a growing enthusiasm for all aspects of spirituality she enrolled for five years at the, Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Hungary, taking a Masters in Jewish studies.

Over the coming years there were many subsequent visits to India, further supporting and enhancing her growth and deepening her devotional, yoga and meditation practice. She also began to undertake an interest in the ancient Indian medicinal system of Ayuveda (life science).

In 2008 she heard from a friend about a Tantric yoga school   and took a month’s intensive course and Tantra workshop with the school, Agama Yoga, putting in place a broad foundation for the years which lay ahead. Her next step was to visit the main school on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, to gain a better understanding of the Tantra Yoga method.

Here at the School she became familiar with the teachings of Swami Vivekananda and was so impressed made the decision to become a yoga teacher and joined the teacher training program.

After graduating from this in the winter of 2010 she returned once more to Hungary and began teaching yoga. That same year she helped organise the first Tantra Festival in Budapest, lead by Swami Vivekananda and another spiritual guru Sahajananda.

After this she concluded she would relocate to the island of Koh Phangan, to further hone and perfect her healing techniques, yoga and meditation practise. She also realised that by integrating her new found Tantra methods with her existing Rebirthing work she could only improve an already amazing healing system.

Sulochana continues to develop and strengthen her healing. With this in mind she recently visited the USA and took advanced training with the Father of Rebirthing, Leonard Orr.

This is where we find her today in Koh Phangan; dividing her time between teaching yoga, and her own Rebirthing Holistic practise.

Sulochana continues to build and strengthen her healing. With this in mind she recently visited the USA and took advanced training with the Father of Rebirthing, Leonard Orr.

She delights in seeing clients old and new as friends, helping them to realise and achieve what was once for her only a dream but which crystallised into the reality which holds true today.

She is happy to be an instrument for you to find your own inner peace and fulfil your dream.