2012 Rebirth International Annual Rebirthers’ & Conscious Breathers’ Convention

RBI Annual Convention & Summer Trainings – JUNE 22 – JULY 22, 2012 – Waynesboro, Virginia USA

Call: 540-885-0551; e-mail: lenraja@hotmail.com

For 35 years, since 1975, Leonard D. Orr has hosted an annual Rebirthing Breathwork Convention in the U.S. and, periodically, abroad.

The RBI Conventions are inclusive of everyone in the movement. Everyone is welcome.

The convention is democratically organized and managed and taps the natural charisma of all the leaders of the movement. The history of these conventions are filled with the drama of spiritual politics, and interesting personalities, nonetheless, Leonard continues to create a free and open forum for all who desire and care about the quality of Rebirthing Breathwork to come and express their ideas, offer workshops, share their talents, trade sessions with wonderful Rebirthers from around the world and, have lots of fun!.
  • June 30th (Sat) – July 8th (Sun) The Special Convention Leonard Orr Rebirthing & Spiritual Purification Training.

    Program: Individual Rebirthing sessions; spiritual purification practices with earth, air, water, and fire; seminars on clearing the emotional mind, creative thought, prosperity consciousness, understanding money, spiritual psychology, self-healing, body mastery, Eastern Scriptures, relationship, etc. Sharing & dialogue with Leonard. Fellowship & celebration.

    Training is led by Leonard Orr & staff. Your choice of 9 Day or 5 Day training. 5 Day Training.

  • Special Convention Training Prices! Tuition is $400 for 5 days + food and lodging $60/day ($300.-); $500.- for 9 days + food and lodging $60/day ($540.-)
  • Week 2/ Monday – Friday  program  The Business of Rebirthing Breathwork – special lectures & discussions.

    Learn how to be a successful Rebirther, Rebirther trainer, self-improvement professional, and organizer in the Rebirthing / Self-Improvement Movement.

    Week is led by Leonard Orr & staff. Lectures and discussion groups every day as well as opportunities to exchange sessions with fellow Rebirthers.

    Basic topics:

    • What is Rebirthing?
    • How to be a good Rebirther Breathworker
    • How to build a local Rebirthing center
    • How to build a national and international Rebirthing organization
    • How to become Rebirther trainer and international teacher
    • How to be a successful organizer.

    Tuition is $300 plus food and lodging.

  • Week 2/evening & week end program –Workshops in the evening and during the week end – Learn from some great Rebirther Breathworkers from around the world and share your specialties for mutual enlightenment & growth.

    Anyone can offer any kind of self-improvement or educational workshop. If you’d like to offer a workshop, please contact us now.

    The schedule will be organized the first day of the week and participants can choose what workshops they’d like to attend. Workshop leaders and RBI will split the gross income 50/50.

    Tuition is $100 plus food and lodging. Workshop tuitions are additional.

SPECIAL TRAININGS (parallel program)

  • Leonard Orr will be doing his SALT – Special Advanced Leadership Training on request. Each participant in the SALT receives an individual Rebirthing session from Leonard. Prerequisite is having received 10 Rebirthing sessions. BOOK YOURSELF AS SOON AS POSSIBLE since the SALT is limited to 6 participants.

    Tuition is $3000 (includes food & lodging). Please send a 50% deposit. This is Leonard’s only training which is not negotiable.

  • We are also offering the Special 3 Week Professional Rebirthing Training ~ $2600 – including food & lodging. Includes 10 sessions, all Convention activities, and much more.


  • camping at the training center or
  • room at the training center (shared occupancy)- $60/day includes shared kitchen use.
  • There are also motels nearby which can accomodate you.

Please register now with a $100 deposit for every week you plan to attend so we can prepare adequate facilities for you. Send your deposit to RBI – PO box 1026 – Staunton, VA 24402 – USA. We take credit cards.

Location: The main RBI Training Center is located at 200 Parker Heights Rd in Waynesboro, VA, between Staunton and Charlottesville (a few miles from I64, exit 94). Nearest airport is Charlottesville, VA or Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport, VA. Nearest international airports are Washington, DC, Richmond, VA, and Roanoke, VA.

Call Rebirth International at (540) 885-0551 or email us to book your space.