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About Conscious Connected Breathing

By Leonard Orr If you hold your breath for a few minutes, just one breath becomes the most valuable thing in the world. Therefore learning how to breathe better might be the most important thing that we can do with our money. And yet people spend $1000, which is a couple of car payments or […]

Eternal Life Energy

By Leonard Orr The state of transcendence resurrects the health of the body, organizes it, or reorganizes it. This has been studied scientifically by biologists. Eternal Life Energy keeps the organism organized. Death is caused by disorganization in the organism as Life Energy weakens. Organization and disorganization is determined by the dominant emotional structures of […]

The Body Meditation

THE BODY MEDITATION IT IS wonderful to have a physical body! It is marvelous to be and feel a part of the physical universe. The human body is the highest expression of God in the Universe. The body is liquids, gases and solids. It is amazing and beautiful! We can walk, run, and dance. We […]

Conscious Energy Breathing – The Breath of Life

by Leonard Orr “God breathed into man’s nostrils and man became a living soul.” In 1974, a person named Leonard D. Orr discovered the healing power of the Breath of Life and how to teach the ability to breathe Divine Energy to others in ten two hour guided breathing energy cycles. The cycle time is […]

The Book of Revelations

by Leonard D. Orr The Book of Revelations is a great mind exercise. We can figure it out of we understand the basic truths about life. But the truth takes the fun out of it and makes us face ourselves. Are you prepared to face yourself? All there is is Energy, Thought, and Form. We […]


by Leonard Orr We are Spirit or Energy, Mind, and Body. Energy is always perfect, whole, and transcendent. The question of quality doesn’t arise for our Infinite Energy Source. It is always high quality Infinite Eternal Life – Energy evenly distributed throughout space and time. Therefore the question of quality only applies to the realms […]

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High Quality Rebirthing Sessions

High Quality Rebirthing Sessions

By Katia Boustani Our breath is the bridge between the visible and the invisible, the subtle and the gross, the spiritual and the physical.   Watching people while they do the connected conscious breathing, that moves through the body like a wave, is a beautiful...

Intelligent Energy

Energy becomes what it thinks about. This is the most basic truth about Life. If you really understand these words, you are spiritually enlightened. Energy becomes what it thinks about. Energy is the Source of all things. Energy is Infinite Being, the Eternal Spirit; Energy is Substance. Energy is God. But Energy is evenly distributed […]