It is possible to have partial Rebirthing experiences alone, but it is slow and tedious. Even I had to train Rebirthers before I could receive high quality Rebirthing sessions.

Rebirthers supply many virtues that are invaluable to breathing mastery.

1.   Their experience of having from ten to hundreds of sessions enables them to relax and this makes it easier for the student to relax during early sessions. They provide a comfortable environment combined with certainty about the peaceful outcome of the session. The experienced presence of the Rebirther is a catalyst that makes the session work.

2.   They give expert, intuitive guidance about your breathing rhythm during the session that is essential. This only comes through practice and experience and good training.

3.   During breathing sessions we often have powerful energy flowing in our body and can have frightening physical sensations as we release old patterns of tension. The Rebirther’s guidance is comforting and helpful to complete the session and reach a deep state of real peace.

4.   Rebirthers Breathworkers can provide support groups for people going through ten sessions so that they can share their experiences and insights and give each other mutual encouragement.