Ciara Longman

Master Rebirther


About Ciara

I travelled extensively with Leonard since 2012 assisting and organising on many trainings. I love Leonard’s method which focusses on activating prana, spiritual purification and allowing space for our shadow aspects to be revealed. I give sessions and workshops mainly in the Republic of Ireland and the UK but I’m often travelling. So check out my schedule to see where I am.

After dabbling in personal development and spirituality for many years I decided to quit my permanent job and work on myself. I allowed myself to feel everything I had suppressed – and this work still continues. This journey took me through many different techniques and I found that Alchemical Hypnotherapy and Rebirthing Breathwork with the addition of using Plant Essences really accelerated immense changes in my life.


Go deep and come out the other side

Ciara holds the space for you and supports you in allowing what is hidden to surface

Travel to Khajuraho

Ciara takes groups to the energetic location of the sacral chakra. Come journey on the inside and be creatively inspired!

Feel Safe

You are supported on this journey with the breath


Merv Hart, Manchester
” I come from a Shamanic background and this is so different. I loved the power of prana moving through me, bringing up an old issue from school. Ciara’s presence supported me so I could see it and finally let go.”

Wendy Steele, Belfast


WhatsApp: +44 7747 614369