by Leonard Orr

“God breathed into man’s nostrils and man became a living soul.”
In 1974, a person named Leonard D. Orr discovered the healing power of the Breath of Life and how to teach the ability to breathe Divine Energy to others in ten two hour guided breathing energy cycles. The cycle time is not determined by the breathing guide, but by God, the Source of the Breath of Life. Since then, over ten million people have done ten guided breathing sessions and mastered the simple ability to breathe Energy. The people who have this ability and use it daily, tell us that it is the most valuable self-healing skill they have ever learned.

In spite of birth trauma, most people are breathing Divine Energy at birth and afterwards. But every negative experience we have and negative thought we have inhibits our breathing ability. By the age of 5, most people have inhibited breathing. By the age of 15, the chances are our breathing is more inhibited. By 30, social scientists and biologists say we become zombies. We then like to keep the same job, the same friends, the same apartment, the same car, etc., until we die. Most people lose the full joy of Life and don’t know how to get it back. Living becomes a struggle. Most people have inhibited breathing, but they developed it so gradually they don’t know how inhibited their breathing really is.

Part of the struggle is the stress and tension of everyday life. Conscious Energy Breathing is one of the best abilities we can learn to successfully deal with this stress and restore our joy of Life. This ability can be learned in as little as ten completed energy breathing cycles with an experienced breathing guide.

Each breathing session is done in a relaxed position. Although the breathing rhythm is very gentle, the session can be very powerful. The breathing rhythm is simple and pleasurable, but the power of it can frighten people during the first few sessions. This is why a breathing guide is necessary for at least the first ten sessions or energy cycles. Each of the ten sessions is different and new things are healed about our breathing ability and our life in each session. Breathing fully and freely tends to heal emotional and physical imbalances.

We have blocks and bad breathing habits that are naturally healed with each session. These inhibitors are acquired by the stress and tension of everyday life, since birth. Each one to two hour breathing session heals some of these inhibitors. One of the goals of the ten sessions is to breathe naturally and fully and freely.

Every inhale and exhale automatically induces relaxation. When we breathe more fully and freely during breathing sessions, breathing induces deeper relaxation than we have ever experienced before. When we relax this deeply, we begin to feel memories from the past – both, beautiful memories and our past nightmares. We can also experience spiritual ecstasy or pain, including painful emotions. However, the same gentle breathing that enables us to feel these memories also relaxes us out of them. Breathing is spiritual magic. Breathing energy cycles can take us into pain, dissolve it and bring us into peace – even bliss.

This is what a completed energy cycle means – to breathe away our troubles and breathe ourselves into bliss and profound well-being. At the end of the sessions, we usually experience clean, clear energy. This is a very good feeling in mind and body. This feeling of well-being lasts until another layer of our traumatic past comes to the surface, which may be a few days or weeks. Then, after we have mastered the ability to breathe energy as well as air, we can breathe ourselves into peace again. Most people can learn this ability of conscious energy breathing by the time we have finished ten completed energy cycles with an experienced breathing guide. Then, we can breathe ourselves into energy and peace any time we like. Peace and energy is an amazing unbeatable combination.

Some of the things that may happen in a session are called hyperventilation symptoms, like tetany. Tetany is intense sensations or cramping in the extremities. It is caused by fear of sensation. When the Divine Energy of the Breath of Life is cleaning the body of years or decades of stress and tension, various body feelings or changes can occur temporarily as part of the cleansing process in a breathing session. As we follow the instructions of the breathing guide and trust God and the breath, we rapidly move through these changes into more and more relaxation. At the end of each session is usually profound peace. It is good to be aware that you may have dramatic physical sensations during some of your early sessions. The goal is to get past this stage of learning to breathe the powerful Breath of Life and to live in a higher level of Divine Energy and peace all the time. We can have more energy, more peace, more health and well-being. Learning to breathe better is the most natural, simple, and healthy way to achieve this. Conscious Energy Breathing always clears up the hyperventilation symptoms. They naturally disappear as our breathing ability improves. Hyperventilation can only occur in people who have inhibited breathing.

The goal of each session is to learn to breathe again from the Source of the Breath. We have to have enough completed energy cycles to feel safe enough to totally relax and breathe from the Breath Itself. This is an amazing experience. Breathing guides do not know on which session this full experience of the Breath of Life will occur. There is a big difference between consciously breathing air and breathing energy. Perhaps most people are not even conscious of breathing air. Every breathing session in which a completed energy cycle occurs, is very rewarding – a profound feeling of peace, clean energy, and well-being is the result.

After learning to breathe the Divine Energy of the Breath of Life, we can breathe ourselves into peace and full life-energy anytime we like. Having this ability is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. Our goal as breathing teachers is to give people the opportunity to have this ability. Conscious energy breathing makes us more spiritually self-sufficient. The breath is the bridge between the visible and the invisible. When we have this ability, we can use it daily or as often as we like. We can also give the Breath of Life to others.

Conscious Energy Breathing cannot be learned through words. It is not a philosophy. The breathing rhythm has to be guided by a person who has learned it, practiced it, and mastered it. A completed energy cycle is directed and controlled by our own body, mind, and Spirit. The time that each session takes is not determined by the breather or the breathing guide. It is actually determined by your own body, mind, and Spirit. Each energy cycle session is a spiritual purification experience in which our mind and body is cleaned, balanced and renewed by Spirit.

As breathing teachers, we prefer to work with clients who are successful in the world and are responsible for themselves. Although having this ability to breathe energy as well as air heals all kinds of mental and physical things, we prefer to focus on teaching breathing. It is best for seriously ill people to already have their doctor treatment in place. The goal of professional breathing is not to give healing advice, but to focus on restoring the full ability to breathe the Breath of Life. We enjoy our work of giving high quality breathing energy cycles. Energy breathing has been used successfully in hospitals and prisons, as well as by therapists and health professionals of all kinds. It has also been taught responsibly in elementary schools, high schools and many universities.

Sometimes teaching a few basic self-improvement principles is helpful, but we don’t pretend to be mind- therapists or physical healers. We teach breathing and leave healing up to God and our clients. We prefer to have clients who are responsible for themselves.

We try to negotiate a fee for our time and service that makes it possible for everyone to have this valuable ability to breathe Energy and well as air. We feel it is a great secret to health and happiness.