Self Employed Public Minister

This is a wonderful new job opportunity for millions of people all over the world. It is a great professional career, equal to any other profession, such as doctor, lawyer, psychologist, sales, or retail business. The Self-Employed Public Minister is an elected neighborhood representative who is a community service humanitarian.

This genuine public minister is a key profession to the maintenance of freedom, quality of life, prosperity, personal safety, culture, spiritual enlightenment, social and political community. It is the best idea for realizing tax reforms, eliminating unjust laws, and making government our servant. Remember government of the people, by the people, and for the people? It can be a practical reality through elected neighborhood representatives.

The job of grass roots representative is to serve a supporting group of 100 to 1000 constituents who contribute an average of at least $100 per year or $10 per month. The representative holds a monthly Town Meeting, prints a monthly newsletter, and meets with elected officials in each level of government monthly: city council person, county supervisor, state assembly person, congress person, and an international entity connected to the United Nations.

In addition to these basic responsibilities, the neighborhood representative can serve the total human needs of constituents according to personal interests and creativity.

This Self-Employed Public Minister can be an extra role model for teenagers, thus preventing crime. This representative can organize social events, be a political lobbyist for voters, be a job counselor or personal consultant on any subject. The job of elected self-employed neighborhood representative is a rich and rewarding career.

Based upon social and geographical realities, this idea when fully realized is the only way everyone on Earth can be exposed to enough love and wisdom to realize the age of enlightenment and democracy. Every 100 people deserve and can easily support a full time elected humanitarian.

The representatives’ activities are focused by a group platform with each plank voted upon by all members of the group through the newsletter that addresses the issues of each level of government. The Self-Employed Public Minister lobbies for the platform and all constituents of the group can work towards the realization of these group goals.

At a ration of one per thousand, the United States has now 300,000 new job opportunities for Public Ministers. You don’t need permission from anyone. You only need to do it. Everyone can be a participant in the resurrection of true republican democracy in our country by signing the following petition. Public Ministers and their constituents are organized in an international association.

It is important that you all keep supporting me and campaigning for me until I get 1000 signed petitions and enough financial support so that I can support all of you full time. When we have one full time elected grass roots public minister, then we can all work for the next one. Before we know it, the idea will be universal.

Petition for the election of LEONARD ORR as my Public Minister

YES, I would like to support LEONARD ORR as my self-employed Grass Roots Representative at Large.

  • I understand that he will lobby for my ideas. I understand that I will receive a fully informative monthly newsletter to keep me abreast of events that directly affect my life and directly affect my well being on a local, national, and international level. I understand that he will be available to me through regularly scheduled meetings, by phone, and/or by mail.
  • I understand that he will meet with his elected local, state, and national officials monthly for the purpose of selling them our ideas.
  • I understand that my elected Grass Roots Representative at Large is a self-employed full-time lobbyist for our agreed upon views and opinions.

I enclose $__________ ($120 yearly support or 1% of my gross annual income) to actively support the work of my Neighborhood Representative.

I hereby elect LEONARD ORR as my Grass Roots Representative for one year, from _____________ to _________________.

Date ________________ Signature _________________________

Your Name ______________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________


Phone # __________________________ Email _________________________

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Name 3 issues that concern you:

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