By Leonard Orr
The state of transcendence resurrects the health of the body, organizes it, or reorganizes it. This has been studied scientifically by biologists. Eternal Life Energy keeps the organism organized. Death is caused by disorganization in the organism as Life Energy weakens. Organization and disorganization is determined by the dominant emotional structures of thought and the quality of our spiritual purification practices which maintain our Life Energy. If we have enough Life Energy, we can overcome and heal negative emotions and thought structures. Energy precedes mind. Energy succeeds mind.

Babaji, in His 8000 year old body in the Goraknath Shatkam – a Scripture dated around 1500 AD, says that the body filled with Life Energy lives forever and that the body that looses its energy dies. He recommends the culture of Om Kara and three alternate nostril breaths daily as basic to keeping the Life Energy in the body. It is worthwhile getting a copy of the Goraknath Shatkam and mastering it if you are interested in living forever in mastery. Each time a Rebirther feels the tension of a client in a breathing session, physiological or emotional stress and releases it into Spirit, they move through the dying process into the transcendental state of resurrection or eternal life.

Each time we are overwhelmed by emotional energy pollution and clean ourselves, we become more invincible. Sometimes during a long flight, I feel like I have descended into the hell of mortal meat eaters. Afterwards I become suicidal, have violent dreams, have heart attacks symptoms, have difficulty breathing and all kinds of pains and symptoms. But when I recover, I feel more immortal than ever and I do it faster and faster almost every year. My invincibility bounces back faster. Every time I experience other people’s death urge, tension, and emotional garbage and clean my energy body with mantra, earth, air, water, and fire purification practices as well as loving patience, I feel like I receive a net gain. I feel like God gives me “brownie” points. Since the power and benefits of the mantra are cumulative I feel that every year I am stronger and cleaner and faster at moving negative energy. But I am also intelligent enough to give myself a break when I need it. Sometimes it is a day alone with the fire in the forest; sometimes it is a week or even a year. When I take a year, sometimes my income collapses and I look financially irresponsible to others, but what good is financial responsibility without a body?

Make no mistake about O.P.E. – other people’s energy or E.E.P. – emotional energy pollution can wipe you out and make you miserable, sick, in pain, etc. You have to stay awake. It is invisible. If you are clean, you can always feel it when it enters your energy body. It usually is washed away through normal daily purification practices. But if you are dirty, it just adds to the numbness of zombie consciousness. You feel less and less death taking over because you are one with death. You are dead already and feel little.

To clean ourselves on a daily basis with mantra, earth, air, water, fire, and love is to be fully alive every day, in which case we feel everything. As we face successfully and move through the dying processes – the mental and physical diseases of aging, we complete a dying and resurrection or rejuvenation cycle. The body becomes more responsive to the eternal, ageless nature of the Spirit. We can literally outlive death. The reward for doing this is an automatic tendency of physiological rejuvenation – of realizing or reestablishing the divine ideal – a timeless and perfect state of health. This state tends to take the shape of the body we identify with – at whatever age we like ourselves most.

Our physical body is gradually and naturally transformed into a light body that is more and more responsive to our thoughts. The stronger we become, the more often we can face death and experience victory. This can be readily observed in the ordinary experiences of everyone by watching the actual and total physical transformations of our friends when they go through emotional states – whether they are doing Rebirthing or not.

Rebirthers observe physical body transformations during breathing sessions occasionally, that are physiologically impossible when a client spontaneously regresses to a certain age – even birth, These regression transformations always release tension in the organism and often cure forever physical diseases. Always the organism returns to normal, or better than normal, by the end of the session when the body memory is released. We are stuck with our memories until we release them. Our body is created and maintained in its present state by memories – good or bad.

Total spiritual liberation means to be without memories. To be a pure body of light operating according to the divine ideal for a human form. Babaji and Bhartriji have reached this state. The rest of us are in process. Rebirthers can enter and mirror debilitating states of a client and then the glorious states of pure divine energy in a 90 minute session. Each time we participate in a Rebirthing session or even witness a session, we are becoming more invincible. We can experience ascension, descension, and ascension again in one day – even several times in one day. Rebirthers do this consciously or unconsciously. Most Rebirthers never even notice how completely they move from transcendence to depression or sadness or anger, or from death urge consciousness to transfiguration consciousness. We forget. We don’t remember our prior emotional state when we enter a new one. Perhaps we are too much in present time. There is a saying, “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.” We do it often.

Experienced Rebirthers heal terminal and non terminal diseases so often, we consider healing miracles as an ordinary part of our day. But some Rebirthers have such low self image or such negative emotional states that they forget too fast. It is as important sometimes to remember the darkness we just passed through as it is to remember the transcendental states we just enjoyed. After a while we can choose to be in that blissful transcendental state all the time. Even when others around us are in the pits. It is even possible to see the tragedies of ourselves and others as beautiful – the beautiful liberating work of the Law of Life. Forgetfulness can also be a virtue and a blessing at times. After (and even before) we heal our death urge, we can heal others. Each person who heals their death urge enriches the planet with more Eternal Life Energy and spiritual mastery.

Rebirthers are the spiritual vacuum cleaners of the planet. Each time we heal a death urge for ourselves or others, we become more invincible. We demonstrate victory. But victory doesn’t look like struggle or effort, it looks like relaxing in the Everlasting Arms. Victory looks like ordinary peace. Rebirthers also have to pass through and heal senility – their own personal adventure with the emotional and physical diseases of aging. Each of us and each of our clients who pass this final exam of the human condition become more invincible. The ordinary daily work of Rebirthers prepares us for this glorious victory. Ever wonder what life is like on the other side of senility? Is it agelessness or youthing? Only your own mind holds the answer! Every breathing completed energy cycle is a little death and resurrection.

Every time we contract into tension and release it, we are descending and ascending. We have the miracle of resurrection and ascension always available to us. Every healing of a thought, feeling, or symptom makes us more invincible. Being vulnerable to the softness and strength of Spirit makes us invulnerable to the power of death. This consciousness is transfiguration and ascension. The Rebirthers work is the natural ordinary stuff of mastery. Leave your low self esteem behind and do it consciously. To be afraid of our own stuff and the stuff of others is stupid fear. It is ok to avoid overwhelm when we are busy doing something we would rather do. We don’t have to be healers all the time. But when we are healing ourselves or others, we should enter into the dark energies without fear.

We can be exhilarated by the tension and challenge of these energy concentrations and the excitement of using our healing power and abilities. So always relax into this Almighty, Gentle Spirit and experience Its Power and Strength. Absolute Power is Absolute Rest! Tension and pain disappears. There is nothing that can resist nor conquer Life. We are consciously or unconsciously creating a team of Invincible Rebirthers. Healing others increases our ability to heal ourselves and healing ourselves increases our ability to heal others. As we increase the percentage of conscious Rebirthers in the world, we inexorably move toward heaven on Earth. I have been supporting Rebirthers to reach this transcendental state for 25 years. It is amazing to me to see so many Rebirthers choose failure and death rather than my support. Why do you live in a world of spiritual scarcity rather than the love and richness of spiritual community?