In the decade up to Leonard’s passing the SALT trainings were called Breath Master

The tuition for all my trainings, seminars, and services are negotiable except for the SALT (Special Advanced Leadership Training). I’ve always felt that no one should ever be kept away from Rebirthing or any genuine spiritual work because of money, especially the poor or sick.

I’ve always encouraged Rebirthers when they are in a slump or depressed, financially or otherwise, to participate in my trainings for free when necessary until they are empowered to succeed. During the past 30 years of practicing this policy I’ve trained people on welfare to be successful and poor people at all levels of poverty to find prosperity and success in work which they Love & tap their natural Divine gifts.

During the last 30 plus years of my career of service, I have been giving as generously as possible and with great joy! My SALT is a reward for success – for people who can afford it and for me. It is usually a very joyful training filled with great lively dialogues between my trainees and me.

Most of my SALT trainees are winning in Life and fun to work with. Some people are shocked about the idea of paying $2000 for the Special Advanced Leadership Training (SALT) even though it may be the best training in the world. And people are shocked that I may earn $1000 per session.

I don’t negotiate for this training because it is for people who have mastered a few basic principles of Life and a little bit of all my other trainings – at least human decency and respect for other people and their abilities. As a result, this training is fun and very powerful even though I have only one trainee during some of them.

It is limited to six people, so that I can do it almost any time, anywhere. I love when I have 1 or 2 trainees. In Argentina this week, I’m even doing it during the same week I’m doing a regular 7 Day Rebirthing & Spiritual Purification Training. There are only 2 people in the SALT. When people master my ideas in the 5 day, 9 day trainings, or in week-ends, one day workshops, etc., they sooner or later become able to create $2000 in their experience easily and frequently. When they do, they realize there is almost nothing they can better do with $2000 than spend them (invest them) with me in my SALT.

This is a fun thought! Doing it once per year with me is a very intelligent thing to do. The money comes back multiplied. It is not a problem. The biggest problem everybody seems to have is healing their emotional mind – not money! Prosperity is an effect of consciousness.

So keep doing the regular training as often as necessary until you master your mind and money enough to do the SALT. Ray and I and the other RBI trainers who have received enough training with me negotiate fully, freely, and joyfully with anyone who takes our trainings. Paying is always optional. We Love to give, we Love to Live! And we Love sharing with people. The more often we see the same people take the trainings with or without paying, the more fun we have, and the more fun you have.

This is another fun thought! We like to serve the same people over and over until they master the information in their body. To the extent that people embody the truth and the practices, the more joyful they are, the more filled with Divine Light and Life they are, the more fun they are to see, to be with, to serve. We Love for them to come to the training center. We feel joy when we see them at One Year seminars, talk to them on the phone, receive mail from them, see them on the street, wherever.

We Love you and feel joy about you and your willingness to learn and grow – even though it may be a struggle for you. These are fun thoughts! We Love to see you win and create $2000 more frequently in your life. Some people are mastering their career already before they meet me or come to the SALT. This is a fun thought! And they have already had at least ten sessions – even though some of them are crummy, bad sessions – maybe all ten. We like seeing them improve the quality of Rebirthing in their lives.

Everybody is not depressingly poor and Living in money scarcity. Some people Live in great abundance. Everyone who drives a new car, for example, can afford to do the SALT with me. They can learn in the training how to double their income easier, get out of debt faster, enjoy life and their relationships more richly. This is a fun thought! I’ve been a successful business consultant for over 30 years, teaching people how they can double their incomes and learn to be successfully self-employed. I love doing it. It may be a big deal for you! It naturally is a big deal the first time that you double your income.

It is ordinary and mundane for me, but I experience great joy with you in your excitement. This is a fun thought! About your Rebirthing-Breathwork session with me in the SALT: I unraveled my death urge in 1967. I perfected Rebirthing in 1974. I’ve been delivering Immortal Life Energy through the Breath of Life in all my sessions from the very beginning. I don’t know any other way. For me, it is totally natural.

The first certified Rebirthers always were amazed at how different their sessions were with me, but they couldn’t put it into words so they called it the X factor. My personal clients always experience a fundamental shift in Energy. Even though it is often not dramatic, their Life is different forever after. One session with me doesn’t do everything. It should not be overrated.

Sometimes the change feels very subtle, but it goes on improving their breathing and their Life forever. Philosophers teach with words; yogis teach with Energy – positive Life changing seeds of Energy that go on healing us forever. I’ve been this kind of yogi for over 30 years – even before Babaji made me aware of it. And Babaji gave me many new powers. I still don’t understand them all. I just watch them work with a sense of wonder. Some of my SALT trainees who are able to pay the $2000 are depressing to work with, in which case I earn every penny over and over. But I’ll be happier to see them the second time they do the SALT with me. And they will pay with more joy.

Please register with 50% deposit and pay your balance with clean instant money if possible. I still Love receiving $100 bills. Finally, I’d like you to enjoy these fun thoughts. Let them sink in and create greater prosperity and abundance for you now so that we can both enjoy your first SALT more. See you soon! Remember – you too are the salt of the Earth. You give flavor to our civilization!