by Leonard Orr

I had cancer for over 10 years. It became Life threatening. I read Harry Hoxsey’s book You Don’t Have to Die in spring 2000, went to the Hoxsey clinic in Tijuana, Mexico – called the Biomedical Center – in August, and now in December 2000, after 4 months of treatment, my cancer is gone.

I stayed in California for a few weeks going to the clinic every few days until the treatments completely removed the cancers from my body. I enjoy having a cancer free body.

For the past ten years I have been studying the causes and cures of cancer The bottom line on cancer seems to be eating meat. Vegetarianism, fasting and spiritual purification practices with earth, air, water and fire seem to be the bottom line of healing for not only cancer but everything else as well.

Many people who learned Rebirthing-Conscious Breathing have healed themselves of cancer as a result of only practicing Rebirthing, letting go of their death urge, and changing their diet. But for me, it was not that easy. Improving my diet constantly, fasting regularly, doing conscious energy breathing, bathing twice daily, working with fire purification every day, doing mantra yoga, and trying to stay in love continually kept me alive for ten years and gave me the upper hand in managing my cancer problem until I experienced the spiritual healing power of herbs. But it took the herbs discovered by the Hoxsey family’s horse in the 1840’s to end my problem with cancer.

I am very thankful that I have discovered the herbs of Hoxsey Therapy that have healed more people of cancer in the past 100 years than all of the U.S. doctors and hospitals put together. But even this simple and powerful cure does not work for people with a heavy death urge. Nothing can heal people who do not really want to be healed. Treating the death urge and healing the death urge is very important. It is not only basic to all healing, but without healing the death urge, all healing is temporary. Healing the death urge is a basic part of healing the emotional mind – the soul.

Hoxsey Herbal Therapy works on all kinds of cancer, not just the kind that I had. The Hoxsey Clinic, called the Biomedical Center, works on people who were almost totally destroyed by the popular medical approaches. It is best to choose Hoxsey Therapy first and be healed the easy way. It took me ten years to find Hoxsey Therapy, you now know about it. You don’t have to experiment with people and institutions that don’t know what they are doing.

The best of medical science leads us to the conclusion that eating meat kills more people than alcohol, cigarettes and drugs put together.

Most people die of heart disease and cancer. Both are caused by eating meat. Vegetarianism and the right amount and type of fasting are the basic cures for the biggest physical killer diseases of human beings.

The question is: how many people are intelligent enough to train themselves to have a healthy diet, now that science has made obvious the cause and effect relationship about eating meat to cancer and heart disease? We now have an abundance of books about this on our book list, so I need not present the evidence here.

We now sell on our Inspiration University book list the very good book You Don’t Have to Die by Harry Hoxsey. It costs $15.00 – the price of a good steak today. Every intelligent person should read this book. It is one of the most amazing healing stories in American history.

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