High Quality Rebirthing Sessions

Written by Ciara

October 2, 2019

Our breath is the bridge between the visible and the invisible, the subtle and the gross, the spiritual and the physical.


Watching people while they do the connected conscious breathing, that moves through the body like a wave, is a beautiful miracles experience.

When you give your full attention to one person, lying in front of you, supporting and empowering each of their breath, inhale and exhale merging into each other, with your single minded presence of support and love, Leonard Orr called this high quality individual sessions.

You can only be 100% present with one person at a time. You are in present time in the presence of the Divine. You feel what your client feels. You encourage them when needed, and be still – connected and listening to your intuition, watching the miracle unfold.

These sessions are life changing. Leonard Orr used the word high quality individual session to describe this, also as a differentiation between individual sessions and group sessions

Individual sessions grant healing the breathing mechanism, allows the breath release to take place safely, and provides the opportunity to hold the client in a safe and supported place with each breath.

In a group setting the Rebirther has to watch over many people. They are busy walking around, moving their attention to the one that needs help most. Can you listen to 2 people talk at the same time? Can you fully watch 2 movies and get the details at the same time?

You can sit there and maybe meditate in a group setting, but sometimes the clients need real physical encouragement. You will be doing, rather then Being – your attention is divided.

For any Rebirther, who trained and understood what Leonard was all about, we choose to be present for our clients. We are with them present, riding the wave of energy, in full support and love, holding the space for this divine Power to unfold. The client is safe to go to the depth of their emotional and spiritual reality.

I love my work.

I am in cooperation with the Divine.

I am present.

I am there for my clients – for you.

This is how you recognize high quality. Leonard always said, the only one that can certify you is your next client and God. If only one person after a group session is left in physical or emotional pain, it was not the best quality that we can provide.

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