Most adults think they know how to breathe, even though they rarely think about it, but almost none does know how to breathe until they have had ten Energy cycles with a well trained Breathing Guide.

Here are a few simple tests:

1.   Do you still have colds? If you still have colds, you do not know how to breathe. People who receive ten sessions have fewer and shorter colds the first year they learn Energy Breathing and a few years after ten sessions, they typically have their first cold-less year. I have gone as many as ten years with no cold symptoms since 1974. So have many of my early students. Rebirthing heals the common cold because we learn to breathe air at birth and cold symptoms are caused by birth trauma built into the breathing mechanism. The most reliable cure for the common cold is to heal birth trauma.

2.   Can you remember your birth or the moment of your first breath? If you cannot, the chances are that your breathing is inhibited. Most people experience their breathing ability to be transformed during their first ten Energy Breathing sessions. As a result of ten private personal 2 hour appointments with a well trained Rebirther-Breathworker, people find they can breathe freer and easier.

3.   Do you fully know what it means to breathe energy as well as air? One of the basic goals of the first ten sessions is to master this ability.

4.   Do you have strong headaches, asthma, or epilepsy? If you do, you definitely need Rebirthing. Energy Breathing is a skill that can help you manage various symptoms and make Life easier and fuller.

5.   Do you have strong negative emotions? Energy Breathing is the secret to the health and aliveness of the body as well as the mind. We can breathe ourselves out of anger, depression and troublesome feelings into peace and clear, pure Life Energy.

Along with the ability to think for yourself and transform your thoughts and feelings, Energy Breathing is the most valuable ability you can learn as a human being.

When we learn the ability to breathe Energy consciously, we are just learning to master the art and science of breathing voluntarily and willingly. We are cooperating with our Creator to keep us healthy and Alive.