Spiritual Purification – The rules of Life

People can live in happiness or misery. Ignorance leads to misery. Wisdom can produce happiness. We choose Life or death every day. Every month we are happier and more alive, or we are more tense, more miserable, and more dead. People rarely die in one day, they spend a lifetime dying by poor quality living.

The 3 basic causes of death are:

1.   Ignorance – never thinking about the alternatives to the traditional practice of physical death and never thinking of our natural divinity and spiritual power.

2.   Emotional energy pollution – we have a natural tendency to absorb feelings, emotions, and energy concentrations – good or bad – from the people we spend time with. Most people are ignorant of the energy body and how to cleanse it with simple spiritual purification practices with earth, air, water, fire, meditation, love, energy, and rest. Emotional energy pollution eventually causes energy burn out and death. False and negative information can build victim consciousness and patterns of self sabotage into our life.

3.   Poor diet – Medical science reveals that most people eat themselves to death. Christians, who are supposed to have eternal life, die of cancer and heart disease because they eat too much meat, just like non Christians. Poor diet kills more people than alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs combined. To know this and understand it is basic to wisdom.

My purpose in writing this article for you is to give you the benefit of 50 years of research. I have traveled around the world over ten times, studied all subjects and all religions to find the truth about human happiness – to discover the owner’s manual for divine human beings. What I am sharing with you now is the best of what I found – the basic principles and practices that ever evolve our health, happiness, and success on all levels. What you do with this knowledge, of course, is up to you. I have done my best to present my ideas clearly and simply.

I will first summarize the basic rules in God’s owner’s manual for the human mind and body in words that are easy for you to remember: 1. Mind – 2. Earth – 3. Air – 4. Water – 5. Fire – 6. Love – 7. Respect for the Saints – 8. Rest.

Now I’ll expand each of these words to give them a clearer meaning so that you can understand the rules – the principles or spiritual purification techniques that make you healthy, happy, alive and successful. A spiritual purification technique is a simple practice that we can do every day that cleans our energy body and makes us feel better. It gives us better energy and enables us to feel peace, joy and love, and to be more creative. It also keeps the physical body healthy and makes it a responsive and pleasurable place to be.

The eight biggies of spiritual purification are:

1.   Earth purification: Earth purification is basically food mastery and exercise. Food mastery means to learn what our body actually needs, how much and how often. It means good nutrition and as well as fasting regularly to give our internal organs a rest. Vegetarianism is a basic requirement for mental and physical health. Having a personal exercise system is important. Walking, hatha yoga, or the five Tibetan rites are good systems. There are many other forms of earth purification like using crystals, hiking, gyms, percussion with drums, dancing, receiving body work like massage, manual labor, swimming, sitting in a forest, etc. Earth includes also our work, having a career that we love and winning the money game. It includes loving and creative service to people.

2.   Air purification: You can heal your mind and body by consciously breathing Divine Energy. It is a wonderful tool, taught by good Rebirthers Breathworkers. You don’t have to die to feel God. Your body is the Temple of God. To feel God in your body is the best place to feel Him or Her. Conscious Energy Breathing is often called a biological experience of God. It is easy to practice when you learn connected breathing and learn to breathe from the Breath Itself.The Breath Itself is the Breath of Life which is the source of Life – Divine Energy – to the body and mind. Conscious Breathing or Energy Breathing is a healing ability that makes people more spiritually self-sufficient. Intuitive Breathing energizes the body and mind, it cleans the blood and the nervous system. Doing it daily or regularly is a basic rule of the owner’s manual .

3.   Water purification: Bathing twice a day is a marvelous spiritual purification practice that cleans and balances our energy body. It is best to bathe immediately after getting out of bed and it is valuable to bathe before sleeping. I noticed that all the immortal yogis I met bathe before sunrise and before sunset. There is special value to this practice, but you should try it when you can and discover by yourself what it does for you. Knowing the quality of the water we drink is also important. Drinking enough contributes to good health. Most health authorities recommend drinking at least one quart of pure water per day. Check your water quality!

4.   Fire purification: Understanding and using the spiritual power of fire to clean our energy body is as important to mental and physical health as food. Fire may take the most intelligence to use. Fire can burn away the causes of all diseases out of our energy body – our aura. Fire helps to clean our aura. Fire can burn away the death urge and persistent negative emotions faster than anything.

5.   Meditation/mind purification: Judging the quality of every thought as it flows through our consciousness, the Buddha called it the supreme technique of enlightenment. Learning to transform our negative thoughts into positive thoughts is a part of this technique. Meditation means to hold troublesome thoughts and feelings in our mind and work with them until we can transform them into harmony with the Truth. The mind is a powerful goal achieving mechanism. We must always consciously select a goal for our mind to work on. Reaching one worthwhile goal after another is success consciousness. Reading and memorizing the scriptures and great ideas is also a part of mind mastery. Mantra Yoga and prayer are great ways to purify our mind.

6.   Love: Maintaining love and fun in all our human relationships is an important part of our owner’s manual. It feels good to be an honest and ethical person. Since we do love others as we love ourselves, love is ultimately self-approval. Approving of the Self in us and having positive thoughts about ourselves enables us to give approval and positive feelings to others. Our very Self is the Infinite Creator Spirit or Life Energy. To perceive the Presence of God in us is love. To perceive it in others is love. Love means spiritual community and spiritual family in which we give and receive support for spiritual growth and personal healing. Love also includes community participation and political responsibility. To express ourselves in community and participate in local, national, and international government is the practical way that we love other people.

7.   Respect for the Saints: Sometimes we discover a very wise or good person. It is wise to spend time with these people and honor them and learn as much as we can from them. Learning from people may be the fastest way to learn. We learned negative emotions and habits from our parents as well as positive thoughts. I have met several immortal yogis who are hundreds and some of them thousands of years in the same body. They are very, very wise and deserve to be called Saints. Being with them is the greatest pleasure of my life. Associating with people who are masters of what we desire to master is an important rule.

8.   Rest: The Sabbath day principle in the Bible is a good practice, but it doesn’t have to be Saturday or Sunday. It can be any day of the week. To rest at least one day per week enables us to enjoy the other six days at least twice as much and to accomplish more. Knowing when to take a rest is a great secret to health and success. Resting is practicing the Presence of God directly. It is a continuous source of power, wisdom, pleasure, healing, creativity, and strength. Absolute rest is absolute power – nothing can resist it. Knowing when to rest and practice relaxation is an important point in our owner’s manual.

You now have the basic principles of the owner’s manual. You can learn more by practicing them and by studying the Bible, the Shiva Purana and all great scriptures. There are many more principles.

We learn the secrets of Breathing from the Breath Itself, we can only learn the secrets of fasting by fasting, we can only learn the secrets of fire from the fire Itself. We learn the secrets of water from bathing, we learn grace through devotion to God, we learn the secrets of the saints by spending time with them, we learn the secrets of rest by resting and we learn the secrets of the mind by thinking. We can only know life by participating. And it is important to be able to just Be!

We can choose ignorance or wisdom. To choose ignorance brings misery and death. To choose wisdom brings purification and pleasure and personal aliveness. Those acts which are in harmony with our divine nature usually make us feel good and more alive. Some acts feel good when we are doing them but produce bad effects later. To know which is which is wisdom!

If some of these simple spiritual practices are new to you, but you experiment with them, you will soon understand why the world doesn’t work and why there is crime and unhappiness. They may take a little effort to do, but they are simple and will not produce results for you unless you actually do them. To persist in misery takes self discipline also – discipline with punishment attached.

  • Meditate on your energy body the next time you shower or take a bath and notice how different you feel before and after.
  • Build a fire in your fireplace or a campfire in your backyard and notice how it changes your feelings. Just sitting with a campfire one to two hours can heal physical diseases. It will cure depression almost every time.
  • Find an Energy Breathing teacher or Rebirther and do ten sessions if you’d like to experience a wonderful surprise. You may discover that indeed God dwells in your very own body.
  • Fast on liquids for a day. Do enough exercise to enjoy your body and notice that you have a body. Get yourself in good physical condition.
  • Read a page of scripture every day or experiment with a mantra
  • Reach out to your neighbors with love and participate in a town meeting.
  • Try resting in the Presence of God until it becomes a reality for you. God loves you. It is safe for you to fall in love with God.

God says, ‘The wise do spiritual practices!”

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