Rebirthing is not hyperventilation, which means over-breathing. It is a gentle, soft, relaxed breathing rhythm, which allows us to connect with our natural Divine Energy and achieve total relaxation.

In fact, scientific studies with sophisticated biofeedback equipment have revealed that although the breather is breathing more gentle than normal, the symptoms of hyperventilation can sometimes still occur. This is because any form of breathing induces relaxation and anything stored in the emotional mind can come to the surface during deep relaxation and be released. It is not the breathing rhythm that cause the symptoms but the stored tension. When the stored tension is released through more breathing, only relaxation is left. Relaxed breathing is the cure for hyperventilation. Many nurses figured this out before learning about Rebirthing-Breathwork.

Statistically, it’s common for the students of Rebirthing-Breathing to have some hyperventilation symptoms during 1 to 3 of their first ten sessions. Then, occasionally after ten sessions, during times of Life changes or heavy stress. During these times, the symptoms are not viewed as bad, but as a simple way to relieve such tension and stress.

Spontaneous hyperventilation is nature’s way of teaching people that they need to learn Rebirthing-Breathwork. Soon after Rebirthing became a successful nationwide movement in the 70’s, I was invited twice by doctors to lecture at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda on the subject, “Rebirthing – the Cure for Hyperventilation”.