Local money systems are being created and operated by intelligent, responsible citizen groups all over the world. They successfully deal with the financial crisis that has been created by bankers’ money systems. In most countries, money is printed out of nothing by private bankers and loaned into existence. The citizens have to go into debt to get the bankers money and they stay in debt forever. We pay interest every year, called the prime rate, on all money in circulation plus the interest on the national debt.

Local money systems work best when a group of citizens – workers, professionals, merchants, and consumers – print and regularly distribute a basic supply of money to themselves in a local community.

The amount of money to be printed and distributed equally into circulation is determined by intelligent and orderly principles:
1. The amount of cash the workers, merchants, and consumers require to have a sustainable workable financial life,
2. The volume of cash which the members of the community can assimilate,
3. The total amount of sales and financial transactions in the community, and
4. Discussion and observation which enables local community groups to adjust the monthly amount of money each member receives to keep the money circulating in a just and orderly way.

We the people have the moral, natural, and legal rights to create and operate any kind of a money system that facilitates local prosperity. This is one of the principles upon which our country was created. The power to print money has gone back and forth between the people and the bankers eight times since 1764.

The purpose of money is to support the production and consumption of ideas, goods, and services. Debt-based, interest-bearing bankers’ money defeats this purpose by creating artificial scarcity.
Printing and distributing our own money enables us to support more efficiently people starting new businesses and professional careers.

  • Local money frees people from financial hardship and hardcore poverty.
  • Local money makes it easier to survive between jobs.
  • Local money makes it easier for community members and businesses to create new jobs.
  • Local money makes it easier to pay our bills and taxes.
  • Local money begins the educational process to teach government at all levels that taxes are unnecessary.

We have the authority, as citizens to authorize our government to print the money required for their budgeted expenses – taxes are unnecessary.

U.S. Citizens have been so abused by the bankers’ money system we have had now since 1913, that we have forgotten our innate right and power to print money and create a just money system that supports our community and personal prosperity. Intelligent citizens are now resurrecting their rights one community at a time.