Please note that the Love Notes Money Society no longer operates but this is a good model for setting one up in your area. Alternative money systems around the world have been successful including the Totnes Pound in Totnes, England.

The Love Notes Money Society in central Virginia is a group of intelligent and responsible citizens who have created a practical and orderly money system. The Society is non-profit, democratically owned and managed by the members.

Anyone can participate in The Love Notes Money system, regardless of where they live. The Love Notes Money Society has numerous international members. Check the LNMS directory for members in your area. It is also possible to trade goods and services with other members of the global community from a distance.

The membership fee is $44. Each new member receives a membership package, which contains:

  • A supply of alternative currency, which you can spend with all the members listed in the business directory; you receive more money on a regular basis. The Love Notes Money that all members equally receive is free money. We are not buying it. It is printed and distributed to all members freely. All members receive an equal amount regularly, starting whenever they join. We the members determine the amount we distribute each month according to intelligent and orderly principles.
  • a copy of the book The Truth About Money by Leonard Orr
  • the Love Notes Newsletter
  • a copy of The Love Notes Money Business Directory, and
  • an opportunity to list and advertise our ideas, goods, and services in the directory.

All members of the society receive a regular free gift of an equal supply of local money which we can spend with other members of the society on any of the merchandise, ideas, or services listed in the directory. The amount we receive is determined by the Executive Board which is elected by the members.

This new money system created by we citizens does not replace the current national bankers’ interest bearing, debt based system, but compliments it. All local or alternative or complimentary money systems have the effect of subsidizing the bankers’ money because they save our struggling farmers, local merchants, enable people to eat and save their homes.

  • Local money systems prevent small towns from joining the American ghost town syndrome.
  • Local money systems enable poor people to survive while not taking anything from the rich.
  • Local money systems add prosperity to everyone in the communities where they exist because they foster the production and exchange (consumption) of ideas, goods, and services.
  • Local money systems are good for the health, well-being, and financial security of everyone who participate in them.

Because of this fact, the Love Notes Money Society board makes it possible for even the poor to join by creating an alternative membership for only $1.00 to $4.00 donation per month. Each alternative member receives the full regular, equal distribution of cash so they can be supported and encouraged to grow into prosperity.

When their monthly donations of $1.00 to $4.00 accumulates to $44, they are automatically upgraded to full Love Notes Money Society voting members.

To purchase a membership in the Love Notes Money Society ($44), please click here.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and would like to join the Love Notes Money Society purchasing the alternative membership.