Leonard ran many projects across the world such as starting Rebirthing centers in India. As RBI grows projects will start to be run again.

We appreciate all your donations and any form of contribution that works for you. Let’s help each other and the world!

RBI’s intention is to raise money to support very important humanitarian projects. Here are some of them:

  1. Teaching Rebirthing/Intuitive Breathing in the schools It is a shame to our educational system that a person can graduate from high school, university or even medical school without knowing how to breathe Energy as well as air. I’d like enough money to pay a salary to a breathing teacher who focuses on teaching breathing to school teachers.
  2. Healing SenilityI have tested my ability to heal senility in my own body and some of my friends’. I learned how from my immortal yogi master friends & Babaji. Most people need some financial support as well as the right kind of human support and therapy. It is not overwhelmingly expensive, like most medical approaches, but the money, healing resources and competent staff have to be there when senile people need them at certain moments in their healing process.
  3. Selling Rebirthing and Physical Immortality to the media Human civilization can only survive and be beautiful and divine when we have an immortal yogi like Jesus, Elijah, or Babaji on every block. It takes time, developing the right materials and continuity in relationships with editors and reporters to educate the media about these basic subjects. I’d like a full time staff person to do this for you & me & the people who will benefit.
  4. Sending Psychologists and Rebirthers to needy countriesPractical self-improvement principles is the best kind of education to help the needy in all countries. These teachers have to be carefully monitored for quality as well as subsidized. Psychologists and Rebirthers, spiritual teachers, yoga teachers, teachers of practical self-improvement and personal motivation can do a better job of spreading and maintaining world peace, enlightenment, and democracy than either religious missionaries or the military. Practical spiritual education is the hope of the world – the loving revolution – the revolution of the individual. World peace and healing comes from inner peace and meditation. Real prosperity comes from intelligent individual action and community concern, responsibility, and participation. Think globally, act locally!
  5. Establishing salaried Rebirthers in alternative hospitals and clinics and educating the medical world about the healing power of Conscious Breathing.
  6. Expanding literacy of the Shiva Purana, Ramayana, Bible and KoranIn other words – every intelligent person deserves access and basic knowledge of comparative religions and the great Scriptures. Religious ignorance causes more wars and death than anything.
  7. Having a full time Training Center in Healing, Rebirthing Breathwork, and Spiritual Purification in every state and country in the world
  8. Making spiritual purification known to everyone and building the spiritual purification practices into our culture

There is no substitute for well trained, well financed, full time staff for each of these goals. In the meantime your tithes, membership dues and generous small and large gifts keep the wheels turning toward the expansion of these worthy projects. I have been working on them with the limited resources that I have and will continue – no matter what. But you can encourage me now with a gift of $1 or more. Just start the flow now. Make generosity a part of your life now and watch it grow!

RBI Rebirth International is a tax exempt organization. You can send your contribution to Rebirth International or to me. Some people prefer one, some another, you have the choice. Some people like to support a real living person. Others prefer to support an organization. The choice is yours.