By Leonard Orr

I’ve been working on a book about personal energy management for a few years. I think I am now ready to release it.
Here is a crash course.

I’m talking about cleaning the human energy body, which is the Source of the physical body as well as the Emotions. This is a major element of the Science of Health, which I myself practice.
After my 3 month healing crisis in early 1995, I felt like working again so I took a 3 week trip to California doing seminars on the way, while there, and on the way back. It was a satisfying experience. I love teaching and sharing.
It was also an experience in emotional energy pollution. I collected enough death urge and other psychic dirt to put my body into chronic pain and tension and my mind into depression and suicidal feelings.
After you work out your own death urge, then you qualify to work it out for other people.
The following practices enabled me to clean myself;

1) I do my mantras everyday to keep me conscious and to renew my devotion to God. They keep me in love with God.
2) I sleep with the fire every night. Since I returned home, I have maintained a fire in my fireplace 24 hours every day. I do the fire ceremony by offering the first few spoonfuls of all my meals to the fire. Yesterday was the first day without rain so I built a fire in my backyard. Something about the open flames on the ground breaks up bands of pain and tension that a contained fire doesn’t reach. There was a pocket of pain in my solar plexus that did not respond to my other practices and it is now moving and dissolving.
3) On Monday after I returned on Saturday, I fasted. My one day per week fast is an essential element to keep me ahead of the spiritual purification game. To win the emotional energy pollution-spiritual purification game is Life and Personal Aliveness. To lose this game is disease, misery, and death.
4) On Sunday I rested and just enjoyed my family. During my fast on Monday I also rested and was alone most of the day. I know when to rest is a matter of life and death. Solitude is a very great savior.
5) I have bathed twice per day since 1979. I shower before and after my bath- ending with cool water. I’m using olive oil in my bath water in the mornings. I soak and do connected breathing for at least an hour in each bath. I also do some special bath yoga –special hatha yoga exercises I created that dissolve pain. I’ll write about these in a later place and time. The goal of each bath is to achieve a state which I call a clean and balanced energy body. Various concentrations of pain and tension kept me from feeling clean and balanced until today (Thursday.)

In other words, it took me 5 days of conscious practices to repair the damage done to my emotional body by 3 weeks of working with people. And yet some people –perhaps most people, experience a more intense emotional energy pollution input in their ordinary jobs. It goes on for them week after week, month after month. No one taught them the practices. It is no wonder that they are insane, get sick, and die.
We call it the daily grind.
We call it the rat race.
People do it for the money. They do it to pay the rent or to make the car payment. They do it to support the family. They do it to buy and eat plenty of meat so they can die quicker. Most of the things people buy with the money which they work themselves to death to get cause them to die quicker. The real goal of the average American lifestyle is to turn people into zombies and corpses. They become human vegetables and then fertilizer.
When I participate in the world and do my thin I enter into this disease and all its consequences. Lecturing to Rebirthers is not necessarily better than working at Wal-Mart, maybe worse.
Rebirthers just have their stuff hanging out. Most of them don’t know any better what to do with it than the average spiritual slob. They are just a little more conscious that they do have stuff –maybe. Rebirthers have learned a few tricks which help, when used. Rebirthers who don’t do the practices are hypocrites –energy suckers.
Every time I work with people I come face to face with death. The 3 basic causes of death are;

1) Ignorance
2) Emotional Energy Pollution
3) Poor diet

Almost every person I meet is a carrier of death. And yet; They are naturally Divine! I treat all people as if they are equally divine.

Consider this;
If you stay home and be a “couch potato” you will still die. A little slower perhaps or maybe faster, depending upon what you eat and do at home.
Avoiding the world is not the answer. Avoiding work is not the answer. Avoiding people filled with death urge is not the answer. Doing spiritual purification practices is the answer!

Teaching them to your neighbors is the answer. Healing and transformation is the answer. Gravity can kill you if you don’t learn levity. Realizing and practicing our natural divinity is the answer. Babaji says, “The wise do spiritual practices.”

The unwise shun it and die. They take drugs, alcohol, smoke, stuff themselves with unhealthy food to suppress or at least avoid feeling their pain. Zombie consciousness. It is a subtle process. It is gradual. The cause and effect relationships are not obvious without meditation.
Sufficient for today is the pain thereof. Today –Thursday, is the first day since I started my trip that I effortlessly got up before sunrise to bathe.
When I’m working with mortals everyday, I lose it. My energy body is constantly working to heal them. My strength and joy of life gets sucked away. I lose the power to move my body out of bed in the morning.
This is a double bind. The very death energy that I need to heal is preventing me from healing.

When you, we, go unconscious at sunrise and sunset, the pain goes inside. We add it to our collection. When it goes inside we don’t feel it anymore. Except that our body gets a little stiffer. We become a little more dead. We only feel other people’s pain when it is going in and when it is going out. When we have successfully absorbed it, we don’t feel it. It is unconscious.
When I am wiped out by other people’s pain, they feel great and wonder what I am complaining about. When I don’t bathe before sunrise, I have a problem with lower back pain. It is stuck Kundalini.

Bathing before sunrise and sunset with connected breathing helps to prevent the pain and tension of the world from going inside.

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