IT IS wonderful to have a physical body!

It is marvelous to be and feel a part of the physical universe. The human body is the highest expression of God in the Universe. The body is liquids, gases and solids. It is amazing and beautiful! We can walk, run, and dance. We have systems like the respiratory, nervous, circulatory, digestive, skeletal system, a healing system, etc! We have a sexual system capable of intense pleasure! We have sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, and speech! The human body is brilliantly designed. It functions very efficiently in its infinite complexity! It can heal itself! It already does, every day, and is patterned for Life! It is designed for continual renewal and rejuvenation when it receives proper attention and support. God loves our body as well as our soul.

In this body we also find our mind and our emotions. Between our thoughts is Infinite Spirit: ”the Energy” or “Life itself – Eternal Life”. We are Spirit, Mind and Body. We are Energy, Thought and Form. We are Being, Feelings, and Matter. We are Earth, Air, Water, and Fire intelligently interacting! We exist in a medium of Love.

The physical body is created and sustained by our chakras – spinning wheels of Energy. It is sometimes called the “rainbow body” by people who can fully see the aura. Our body is composed of cells and atoms. Every atom is a chakra – a wheel of Energy. All our organs and systems are governed by chakras.

There are yogis, like Agastyar and Thirumoolar, who have maintained their physical bodies on Earth in health and youthfulness for over a hundred million years. How?! They say it is easy if we follow the simple rules which God, our Creator, has established for healthy and successful living. Advanced yogis can do anything. They can dematerialize and fly through the universe at the speed of thought, levitate, and pass through walls. We have enormous Divine Potential which we are now waking up to! We have only been living in the “death dream” for about 5000 years.

The Shiva Purana says that salvation of Spirit, Mind AND Body is achieved through perfect Love and perfect knowledge. Jesus taught Repentance – the science of changing our mind, our emotional mind and consequently our actions, and achieving Oneness with God – Energy. There is no Salvation without conquering sin and without keeping the Commandments of Jesus and the Father. The  good news is that they are easy and pleasurable to keep and yield a rich life! The continual rejuvenation of the body and Eternal Life is achieved through spiritual practices. The whole law is to love our neighbor as ourselves – kindness and respect.

Divine Energy is the Source of our Salvation. We receive it primarily through the Seven Vehicles of Grace: 1) Meditation, thinking and study; 2) Water – drinking it and bathing twice per day; 3) Earth – nutrition, fasting, exercise and career; 4) Air – Conscious Energy Breathing; 5) Fire purification; 6) Love – harmonious relationships; and 7) Rest – pure relaxation and peace. These, briefly, are the rules of personal mastery and peace. They rejuvenate, balance and maintain our chakras. And they are pleasurable to do! We have a Loving Creator who has made Salvation easy. All the immortal yogis I have met have mastered their mind and body with these practices for hundreds or thousands of years. I have never heard of anyone achieving actual Eternal Life of Spirit, Mind AND Body without these practices! They are THE BASIC RULES established by our Creator to make Salvation natural and easy. They work now – they have always worked and always will! They are built into human Divine Nature.

When we actually USE these practices, we experience their Divine effects, causing a total transformation in the most profound ways. We then have the Holy Breath of Life – the daily power of rebirth, rejuvenation and regeneration, the true spiritual knowledge of baptism and scientific spiritual truth. But these practices are empty and meaningless without daily use. Then we are some place far less than Heaven. Physical death is not the automatic door to Heaven. It may be a revolving door back to the womb. Death is the same as sleep! Floating in our feelings.  Being in a body in the physical world is a privilege.

We can raise our body into the Conscious Life of the Eternal Spirit – IF WE LOVE OUR BODY ONLY A FRACTION AS MUCH AS OUR CREATOR DOES, WE CAN KEEP IT FOREVER! Physical immortality is our birth right. The human physical body was built to last forever. Negative thoughts, emotions, poor diet and a degraded, ignorant, disrespectful lifestyle destroys it very efficiently as we have all witnessed by the death of others. Death is no accident. Everyone creates his/her own death. But it IS optional, which we can realize when we use these spiritual practices! It is actually easier and more pleasurable to create our own peace, success, aliveness and Eternal Life. Neglect of the practices creates misery and lust for death. The body is perishable, the word is eternal, we have to consciously merge our body with our words. We can create Heaven on Earth as we become masters.

We have to heal the Death Urge, which we learned from our family and cultural traditions and honor our Natural Divinity that we inherited as Children of God. Human beings must recognize a force in the universe that supersedes and reigns over the material-physical world. Our spiritual nature has to become our focus – as the Source of our Life, our reality and everything we create. “The God of all grace, who has called us to His eternal glory, will Himself restore us, confirm, strengthen and establish us”. But not unless we cooperate and do the right spiritual practices. Even the Father does the practices when He takes a human body.

Our mind and body become the servants of our Spirit – Our Being.

The following 3 pages are affirmations designed to destroy the unconscious Death Urge and liberate our minds from deathist mentality. They are just basic and wholesome thoughts about our Divine Nature! Feel free to make 100 copies and share them with everyone. The more people there are, thinking about the mastery of the mind and body, the easier it is for us all. We all enjoy (or suffer from) the collective consciousness! We are in this together!! Forever!! It may  just take some of us longer to choose Life over Death. Let’s choose LIFE together NOW! Please master each affirmation and enjoy Eternal Life!


Our gift to you – for your personal health, aliveness, truth, simplicity and Love.

Write or speak aloud each of the following affirmations three times, then meditate and share about each one of them with your family and friends. You can meditate and think about each affirmation as long as you like – until they are working to liberate you from self-sabotage and the unconscious death urge.

1) We are living the victorious Life on this planet in the kingdom of God now!

2) The cause of death is now lifted from my mind and my body. I am death-free.

3) The death urge is now banished from my friends and me. We have achieved victory over death.

4) I am no longer a victim of death. Death is my friend and servant. The principle of death is the principle of renewal, change and regeneration. Death, rightly understood, supports Life. I no longer fear death. Death is optional. I am now free of my family beliefs and traditions around death.

5) The old enemy of mankind is now dead. The wicked witch is dead. Ding Dong!

6) Death is powerless when I free myself from my mental belief in it and when I don’t give it Life Energy. Practicing the presence of God and the simple and pleasurable spiritual purification practices which God has given us, with Mind, Earth, Air, Water and Fire, gives us victory over death. We now control death. Death does not control us.

7) It is OK with God if I master Life and death. In fact, She/He recommends it and has done so for millions of years.

8) I can now trust God. She/He no longer kills people. God no longer kills children, parents, old people, young people or good or bad people. Everyone is responsible for their own death by their own thoughts and lifestyle.

9) My family is now free of death. My son is now free of death. My daughter now is free of death. My dear wife/husband now is free of death. My sister/brother are now free of death. My mother and father are free to choose. We all can be free of death.

10) It is OK with Jesus if I also conquer death. My victory over death is becoming a practical reality for me!

11) I am no longer afraid of people because I have totally conquered the death urge in them. I have conquered death for them and in them. I see and know the Truth. Liberating people from death is becoming easier and easier.

12) We live now at the time in history when we are supposed to conquer death and live consciously with our Father within.

13) Everyone in my circle of influence has conquered death. We enjoy living the victorious Life in harmony with our thoughts, feelings and Body. They support each other.

14) The unconscious death urge is no longer unconscious and has stopped being the cause of death for me and everyone now. We are realizing full aliveness.

15) My oneness with God – Life – gives me victory over everything, including death.

16) God in me gives me health, success, Love, Eternal Life, peace, power, happiness, victory over death and victory over the unconscious death urge in mankind.

17) Mastering death and the death urge is a piece of cake. I enjoy doing it for myself and others. The Immortal Yoga is possible and simple for anyone who wishes a state of perpetual success and happiness.

18) Processing the death urge for others is pleasurable (or at least interesting) in my body. I do it joyfully and fearlessly – without discomfort nor symptoms of any kind.

19) The Bible teaches than when we conquer death, God will live with us in a physical body. The Bible says that “God is not willing for any to perish, but that all should come to a knowledge of repentance”. Repentance is the science of changing our mind – healing our emotional mind and erroneous thinking.

20) It is OK to love death and to be free of it. We are in charge of our death and health. We use death for healing in the regeneration of our body for perpetual Life!

21) When a large community of people is immersed in immortal mentality, it can expand rapidly, like a nuclear explosion, bringing a state of enlightenment, Love and happiness.

22) I can heal death and the death urge in others without any harm to myself. Spiritual purification with mantra, Earth, Air, Water and Fire makes it easy.

23) Love has the power to conquer all, even death. Jay Maha Maya Ki Jai!

24) The death urge no longer bothers me nor drags me down. As I heal my emotional mind, I feel the Joy of Life and continually choose Life.

25) The good news of Salvation is my Natural Divinity – that I am a Daughter/Son of God. I achieve total Salvation of Spirit, Mind and Body through healing my emotional mind and activating my spiritual power with a good diet, exercises, herbal therapy, massage, daily conscious energy breathing, fire and water purification, intuitive Love and participation in the community.

26) God loves it when I am victorious. God loves me for no reason. Loving me is Her/His nature. She/He just loves me always and in all ways.

27) It doesn’t hurt anything or anybody to heal death. It doesn’t hurt me in any way to heal death.

28) All my chakras have the power to heal death in myself and in others without any pain or discomfort. Praise God for AUM NAMAHA SHIVAIYA. The name of God is powerful.

29) I am highly pleasing to myself without death. I am highly pleasing to others without death. I am highly pleasing to myself in the presence of people without death.

30) I am safe without death. I am safe when I heal the death urge.

31) Through God, death can no longer touch me.

32) It is OK to be totally healed and death free.

33) I give attention to my Body. It is the Holy Temple of God. Symptoms are the sermons of God/Life in this Temple/Church. When I meditate on them, I discover the appropriate methods to heal them. I am free to use traditional, new or alternative methods of healing when I receive an OK from God.

34) Now that I have healed death, I have time to heal everything else. I am free of all urgency and scarcity.

35) Rebirthing Breathwork heals the death urge and gives people total liberation, when it includes the Elements.

36) Healing the death urge makes it easier for me to tune into Infinite Intelligence in a practical way – every day! It is ok for me to be successful in every way.

37) I am filled with Life. My mind and body are so filled with Eternal Life that they chase away death, failure and disease everywhere I go.

38) I am living in the Power of God today – the abundant Life which Jesus and all immortal masters promise by their example. I am now an immortal master and I love to practice yoga – the Science of Life.

40) The Light of God in me is stronger than death and frees other people from death automatically, when I share these ideas with them.39) Earth, Air, Water and Fire are my eternal friends and support me abundantly.

41) God has given us Earth, Water, Air and Fire to make it easier to be death free.

42) The purpose of Rebirthing Breathwork is to connect us with God and free us from death through the Holy Breath (Spirit) of Life. The purpose of Jesus was and is to free us from death. The purpose of the church is to free us from death. The purpose of the civilization is to free us from death.

43) It is OK to use Earth, Air, Water, and Fire in abundance for our good and for the good of others. I love doing the practices and being nourished by them! Spiritual purification practices are all disciplines of pleasure.

44) The Eternal Lifestyle of spiritual purification is the most wholesome and pleasurable and fulfilling one there is!

45) God has given us hot water to use and enjoy for pleasure and spiritual liberation. It works!

46) The Peace of God in me has freed me from death. Now I freely share it to free others.

47) Physical Immortality is my Birth Right for being a Daughter/Son of God. Physical Immortality is easy and natural!

48) My healing is happening fast enough for me to benefit and I enjoy healing others. Now I can heal others without harm or discomfort to myself – only the pleasurable sensations of Energy release, richer Peace and Bliss, success and joy.

49) Victory over death is fun. I am happy, creative, productive, goal-oriented, and a full participant in the physical universe. I LOVE LIFE! I enjoy participating in our democracy.

50) Living in victory over death is fun. I am successfully unraveling the birth-death cycle.

51) We are naturally victorious Beings!

52) When we find God within and have achieved victory over death, it is safe for God to have a body in the open and to play with us. And it is safe for us to visit Her/Him whenever we like.

53) Love in several European languages – AMOUR – means “without death”, to Live without death.

54) I am a conscious participant in my community and politics.

55) I am now improving my diet and getting plenty of good water and exercise.

56) I am mastering my ability to breathe Energy as well as air.

57) Bathing twice per day cleans and balances my Energy Body, my Soul, Mental Body, Emotional Body and Physical Body. Thank you, God, for indoor plumbing and warm water!

58) Daily worship of God – the Source of the Fire – through Fire is a healing power as important as food.

59) I understand Loving service and how easy it is to play and win the money game to support Living fully! I have a successful and satisfying career.

60) I am alive now, therefore my Life Urge is stronger than my death urge. As long as I continue strengthening my Life urge and weakening my death urge, I will go on living in increasing health and youthfulness forever.

61) Spirit Energy is Eternal. I am Spirit Energy! Thinking is Eternal. I am the Thinker! My Body as matter and Energy is also Eternal, therefore my living flesh has a natural tendency to LIVE FOREVER in perfect health and youthfulness.

62) I am safe and immortal RIGHT NOW! I am free to choose Life thoughts every moment.

63) Death has no power except what I give to it in my own mind. The power of Life and death is controlled by my Spirit and Mind. Everyone has the same power.

64) Death is optional and voluntary for everyone, but to realize our power over death, we have to learn and practice the basic rules for the health and aliveness of our Body and Mind.

65) Jai Maha Maya Ki Jai!               (Victory to the Energy Body!)

66) Jai Maha Mriten Jai!                  (Supreme Victory Over Death!)

67) Bhole Baba Ki Jay!                   (Victory to the Simple Father/the One Source)

68) AUM NAMAHA SHIVAIYA!    (Infinite Being, Infinite Manifestation, Infinite Intelligence!)

69) I am the source of money. We can create any kind of money system we like.

70) Death and taxes are no longer necessary.

71) Local, state and national governments have the right and duty to print the money for their budgets out of the authority of the people and to print an appropriate amount for every individual regularly, based upon our productivity.

72) The more willing I am to prosper others, the more willing other people are to prosper me.

73) I have the right and duty to print as much money for myself as I like and I honor this right for others.

74) As a Child of God, I am an inheritor and equal owner of the world and the universe and its riches.

75) Physical immortality means to incorporate the Body into the Conscious Life of the Eternal Spirit.

It is good to work with these affirmations daily until we have instant recall of all of them. We can replace our death urge with them. Each one becomes an angel of God that protects us and guides us into mastery.

Read each one on tape/CD three times in all three persons (I, You, He/She) so that you hear each one nine times as you listen to the tape/CD. You can listen to them every day and become the architect and engineer of your Life and your own personal aliveness! Repetition and conscious reasoning are the power of the Mind. You are a beautiful Divine Being of God and have a beautiful healthy Life now!

You have our permission to copy these pages of affirmations and good ideas. You can also send them on the Internet.

Ask your book store for Breaking the Death Habit by Leonard Orr, or buy it on Amazon, which inspired most to these affirmations.  There now hundreds of good books on physical immortality, read as many as you can.

You can find out more about Physical Immortality at one of our 9-day trainings