by Len Orr Raja

Smoking cigarettes enables you to look like the people in the television commercials – very sophisticated. That’s it. It goes downhill after that. Oh! One more. It is possible to endure the smoking habit, even to think you enjoy it, for 100 years or more before it kills you.

The cause and effect relationship between smoking and death is not obvious. That smoking makes your breath, hair, car and whole body stink is too obvious to mention. It pollutes the aura, the skin, the lungs, and all the internal organs eventually.

After a while, smoking is the only thing worth living for – or worth dying for? The biggest evil is that it suppresses feelings. In fact, smoking may eventually save lives, the lives of people who would have been murdered by smokers if they weren’t suppressing their anger, depression, etc. with cigarettes.

To be more specific, the drugs in the cigarettes suppress the death urge. But underneath the death urge is the Life urge. And underneath anger, sadness, depression, and pain is joy, peace, intelligence, and creativity. Smoking not only suppresses our negative emotions, but our positive ones as well.

Cigarette drugs prevent people from feeling fully alive. People turn into members of the walking dead. There is no physical immortality or breath mastery as long as you are addicted to cigarettes. The world is better off without smokers.

If you love cigarettes more than you love your body, you will lose both. Smokers are drug addicts. Healing the body of the damage done by cigarettes and surviving smoking is a full-time job. Why do people dedicate their lives to cigarettes? The answer is deep in the mind, or, perhaps more precisely, deep in the body. The body’s need for cigarettes has several psychoanalytical causes. The relationship to breast-feeding is obvious. People often smoke while drinking warm liquid.

Most people have a lot of anger connected with breast-feeding. I think that most rape and murder of women is caused by the psychoanalytical frustration of breast-feeding. But the deepest cause goes back to the womb. I’ve had doctors tell me that the lungs are collapsed in the womb.

Others have told me that the lungs are filled with amniotic fluid. It is possible that both theories are true. Nature loves variety. The security of the womb causes people to seek the physical sensations which the body felt while in the womb. Smokers who have examined the real nature of their addiction have shared with me that what they are really after is not oral satisfaction, but a certain feeling in the chest and lungs – having their lungs filled with something.

Cigarette smoke approaches it but it doesn’t deliver because it is not quite liquid like the amniotic fluid is. Perhaps the main reason people love physical death so much is because it is the only way to successfully and totally get back into the womb.

Smoking addiction puts people eventually back into the womb. What people really want is womb, not a cigarette. Cigarette smoke is a partial unsatisfying substitute that is harmful – a bad choice. This is the most powerful realization to help people quit smoking, but it is not enough to break the habit. The mind and body must be retrained. This is called discipline. It starts with a choice. The choice to quit smoking begins with quitting one day per week.

Mastering only one day per week retrains the mind. The body follows. The rest is easy. Two days per week. Then three, etc. People who try this idea usually find that when they quit one day per week, they automatically smoke less on the other days, without effort. Eventually, the nasty habit of smoking just falls away. When you are smoking only one day per week, you will notice personally what the habit is doing to your physical body and your Energy Body. You can feel it.

Only a very ignorant person would continue this kind of violence to themselves. Therefore it is necessary to heal the death urge as well as the birth trauma. Warm water Rebirthing is very helpful Happy Breathing! PS: The RBI training center offers trainings in spiritual purification every week of the year. Recommended reading:

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