By Leonard Orr

There is new hope. A new Nostradamus book has been found. It says that when the true meaning of the Garden Trees is revealed, the Age of Truth will come…

In the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve there were two special Trees.

Do you remember what they are called? The tree of temptation was called the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Bible says that if Adam and Eve ate the fruit ofthis tree they would surely die.

Understanding the true meaning of this story is a matter of Life and Death. And yet I have never in my life heard a sermon in any church that explained the true meaning of this story. Here is the true meaning of these trees and if you honor this meaning and practice these simple truths, you will have the secret to Life, to success, and to personal mastery.

The name of the second tree is The Tree of Life. To eat of this tree the Bible says, gives us Everlasting Life. Since Adam, very very few people have discovered the meaning of this Tree. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is the Mind. It is the fruit of this Tree that produces death in our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. When we get trapped in our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, we die. We cut ourselves – our mind and body – off from the Source.

The Tree of Life is Life Itself – the space between our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. The Tree of Life is the Energy evenly distributed throughout time and space. It is the Eternal Spirit, God, Infinite Being. It is Life Itself.

To eat of the Tree of Life is to Live in the reality beyond the Mind, which is the Source of the Mind and all things. It is the thinker. To bring our Mind into harmony with our Divine Nature is Eternal Life. Learning to live with Spirit Power instead of Mind Power or Physical Power. Absolute Power is Perfect Rest. When people are stuck in their Mind,” the Spirit no longer strives with them.”

To eat of the Tree of Knowledge is to be dependent upon the Mind and external reality.

To eat of the Tree of Life is to be dependent only upon Infinite Eternal Spirit. We have to Live in Spirit which is Love, Simplicity, and Truth. We have to learn how to get our strength and power and peace and rest from Spirit rather than forcing it with the mind and physical power. This doesn’t mean being lazy and sitting around meditating on a mantra. It means using the mantra to motivate ourselves to move, and love, and be of service. Not just running around doing nothing, but intelligent action grounded in wisdom and joyous, creative artistic Self expression. We can find ways of serving God, ourselves, others, and the planet in eco-friendly ways that are designed to support high quality Life for everyone.

Since Pure Life exists in the space between all our thoughts and we have over 50,000 thoughts per day, we are involuntarily visiting our Source over 50,000 times per day. But most people don’t realize that this space is the Tree of Life. They are not aware of their Divine Nature and do not build it into their self-esteem nor listen to it. The ultimate True Religion is Silence. In Perfect Silence there can be no argument; no doctrinal differences. There is only unity and Oneness. This Oneness can resolve all conflicts. Oneness can stop all wars.

Everything that exists is created by mind. But we are the Source of Mind and all thoughts, doctrines, beliefs, and feelings. They all are optional and subject to choice. The purpose of conflicts are to expand our communication and raise us into higher Truth until we dwell in Truth, Simplicity and Love which is Knowledge of Life Itself. When we master our relationship to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life We become the masters of our own Eternal Life.

However, in order to eat of the Tree of Life, we have to get past the flaming sword and get back into the garden. The flaming sword is the symbol for spiritual purification. What is this? Simple spiritual practices with earth, air, water, and fire do the job.

Earth practices are vegetarian diet, regular fasting, a personal exercise system, massage, sound(music, percussion,,etc), and doing work that we love -a career of loving service.

Air practices are conscious energy breathing.

Water practices are bathing twice per day and being conscious of the quality of our drinking water.

Fire purification is done by sitting with an open flame alone for 5 to 19 hours while meditating on our energy body.

In addition to these simple practices, we have to watch the quality of those 50,000 thoughts per day and have harmony in all our relationships, in other words, to live in love all the time.

Meditating on the names of God continually is the basic form of prayer which pulls the Presence of God into our lives and raises the quality of our live into the Presence of God.

Think spiritual community!

Each of the above simple practices is scientific and self-validating and yields a Life of Pleasure and Inspiration, even Bliss.

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