Sierraville Hotsprings Training

Yearly 9 Day Training at Sierraville Hotsprings

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Havan Ceremony

This ancient fire ceremony was brought back by Babaji. Partipants can join in during the 9 day training.

Purification with Water

Every day you can bathe in the warm purifying hotspring waters.

Cold Water Rebirthing

An optional experience is cold water rebirthing. This involves using the connecting breathing method while walking ever so slowly into the water beginning with the toes.

Trainings in Germany

Throughout the year trainings are held in the RBI Centre Germany

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Nature Retreat

The RBI Centre in Klaswipper is situated in stunning woodland.


Over two decades Heike came to the RBI centre and travelled with Leonard. 

Spiritual Purification

Heike is dedicated to providing the environment for spiritual purification during trainings.

Trainings in Greece

Throughout the year trainings are held in Greece

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Immerse Yourself in Samothraki

Yearly trainings are held on the beautiful island of Samothraki

Birth Trauma

Katia gives in-depth trainings on birth, infancy trauma and how we move forward with Conscious Birth

Spiritual Purification

You can experience spiritual purification with all of the elements on Katia’s trainings

Formacións en España.

Programa de Conocimiento y Desarolo Personal en España 

Contacto Irene Escuela Rebirthing Jove


Formación anual o talleres mensuales

Elige libremente la modalidad que se adecúe a tu propósito

Expande tu respiración

Expande tu consciencia

Purificación Espiritual

Los elementos de la naturaleza (aire, agua, fuego y tierra) nos pueden ayudar a reestablecer la conexión con nuestra verdadera esencia. Aprende a usarlos para fortalecerte y regenerarte.

Trainings in Asheville, NC

7 Day Trainings available every month. Contact: Elvi Orr 


Beautiful mountain retreat center

Herb Mountain Farm is a wonderful place to connect with nature

Spiritual Purification

With the natural elements (air, water, fire and earth) we’ll help you re-establish your connection with your true self. 

Guiding Lights

We will safely guide you through learning to use the breath for wonderful changes in your life