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Rebirthing Introduction Training

Rebirthing Initiation Training

Professional Rebirther Training

Professional Rebirther Training

About the Trainings


The professional Rebirthing Breathwork training options are a 21-day and a 14-day training course with varied lectures and seminars.

Participants have the opportunity to receive an individual rebirthing session almost every day, as well as to start practicing giving sessions to other participants.

We also have popular 9-day and 7-day training formats which are the condensed versions.

You will experience the spiritual purification practices with Earth, Water and Fire, in addition to Air (breathing sessions).

Once per week, we have a day of fasting on liquids (juice, herbal tea, water), fire (sitting by an open flame), silence and solitude.

Trainings tend to start at 10AM in the morning and lasts until dinner at 7PM, but times may vary depending on the size of the group.

You will receive a manual and after the course, you will receive a certificate of participation.

We serve vegetarian food. Please advise us if you have any food sensitivities.

What to Bring With You


Please bring comfortable clothing; bathing suit and a snorkel for experienced Rebirthers and participants on the 14 & 21 day trainings, if you would like to receive water rebirthing sessions (optional);

House shoes/slippers if you wear them.


The healing and nourishing power of the Breath of Life

Basic Training Program:

  • Daily spiritual purification practices with earth, air, water, and fire. The second day is always a day of silence with fire and fasting and no seminars or sessions
  • High quality individual Rebirthing Breathwork sessions
  • The Biggies of Human Trauma
  • Body mastery nutrition & fasting – the owner’s manual
  • Wisdom from the Eastern Yogic Scriptures and Western Scriptures
  • A mini “vision quest” Clearing of the emotional mind – identifying and transforming our limiting core beliefs
  • And more according to the needs and goals of the participants.


Seminars include:

  • Introduction to Rebirthing & The Owners Manual
  • The Personal Law
  • The energy cycle
  • Birth trauma and conscious childbirth
  • The biggies of human trauma
  • Past lives
  • Inner child
  • Breathing demonstration
  • Spiritual psychology and the manifestation process
  • Training in prosperity consciousness
  • Professional success, becoming self-employed – how to build a full clientele in 30 days
  • The self love seminar

General Daily Program

Please note that this is a guide so times vary depending on the individual trainer and the number of participants.

Ask your trainer for their schedule.



Before Training: bath in your accommodation

10.00 Meeting

10.30 Session

13.00 Lunch then walk



14.00 Seminar

16.00 Sharing

16:30 Session/Journalling/Reading

18.30 Fire

19.00 Dinner

After Training: bath in your accommodation