Special Breath Master Training

SPECIAL BREATH MASTER TRAINING – An advanced 9 day training program

This special training is limited to 4 people so that Leonard can give a personal Rebirthing session to each person in the training. The Special Breath Master Training is especially recommended for people who desire to be real leaders in the Rebirthing-Breathwork Movement.

Prerequisite: having received at least ten Rebirthing/Breathwork sessions.

  • PROGRAM – see “Basic Program.”A few more details:
    • Individual Breathing sessions are done every day. Each participant will receive one private individual Rebirthing session from Leonard.
    • Regular sharing meetings/discussions with Leonard.
    • A seminar almost every evening with Leonard or his staff.
    • Emphasis on career burn out and career success.
    • Work on money mastery. This training is the foundation for earning $100,000 per year in Rebirthing or any profession. Leonard has trained doctors, lawyers, psychologists, salespeople, corporate executives in all fields.

When?:  Check Leonard’s Travel and Training Schedule. Can possibly be arranged elsewhere.The training is available also anytime Leonard is home in Virginia. For organizers: Contact us to set up dates.

Tuition: $3000, includes vegetarian food & lodging. We require a $1500 non refundable deposit.

For foreigners and Americans who have time before or after the Special Breath Master Training, you can expand your training with Leonard and the RBI training center for one month for only $1000 plus food and lodging and transportation (if travel during your month is desirable).

This is the only training Leonard does for which the training tuition is not negotiable. If you can’t pay full tuition, you should repeat the regular trainings until you are successful enough to do this one.