About 30 years ago, I decided I wanted to understand and master money. Whether I have or not is up to you to judge as you read this article.

You will be amazed how simple money really is! Here are the secrets to money – both personal riches as well as public and government finances – in a very brief form. Now we will be able to pay the national debt just by copying and sharing this essay, if we share it with enough people. Good news for all my fellow citizens.

First, money is a means of exchange. Exchanging what? Wealth. Wealth is ideas, goods, and services. Money is not wealth, but a means of exchanging and measuring wealth. Money is ones, zeros, and paper (or now computer chips).

Second, money is a merry-go-round. All the money you don’t have, other people have. You and I get our money by supplying other people with ideas, goods, and services. We can easily double our income by serving more people. Personal creativity applied to the loves and goals of other people is the source of our loving service that leads to riches. We can have fun winning the money game by supplying our own loves and pleasures in life to others who share our tastes.

I teach people how to discover their true divine motivation and turn it into a business. This is divine economics. It makes people happy, reduces boring and needlessly competitive businesses, and increases diversity and prosperity to all local communities as well as the worldwide marketplace. This knowledge can end all unemployment.

Third, now for a revolutionary lesson in macroeconomics that will get you excited! I mean really excited! We have the power to print money! Money is a means by which buyers and sellers (also called producers of wealth and consumers of wealth) exchange their ideas, goods, and services. In simple terms, economies are composed of laborers and consumers, who are obviously the same people trading with each other.

Money simplifies barter between farmers and computer programmers. Money increases the freedom of choice as actors and artists trade their abilities in the local marketplace. Money also increases the efficiency of their bartering, as it does for all of us. Now for the exciting part!
This means that the actual source of money are the buyers and sellers – citizens – us. We are the natural source of the money system. We have the natural right to create any kind of a money system that serves us in exchanging our wealth. Money is a creative and wonderful invention. It is the servant of people, not the master. In other words, we have the natural right to print money.

Now, this will amaze you. You and I also have the legal right to print money. Yes, we do! We do not have the right to print Federal Reserve notes. Federal Reserve Bank Notes belong to the bankers. This is forgery – but we do have the legal right to print money. We exercise this right every time we order personal checks at a bank. Every time we use a credit card, we are printing money out of nothing at our local store. You and your local merchant are printing new money to assist you in your transactions of exchanging ideas, goods, and services. Many cities like Ithaca, NY, are printing their own local money. There are over 100 local money systems in the U.S. today.

Coining or printing money is an inalienable right of the people. To further understand this simple and obvious fact, consider the example of American Express. The founder of American Express discovered that he had the legal right to print United States dollars, but not Federal Reserve notes. He printed American Express Traveler’s checks and sold them at a profit.

Bank of America followed with Bank of America checks and many other individuals, institutions, and banks got into the money printing business by selling dollars at a profit. When I understood this, I also started a new money system and printed money. It is not as successful as American express – yet. I believe it was American Express who created the first credit card.

Understanding money and the money system is big business, and now, I’m going to show you how to cash in on it.

As a citizen of your country, you can own the money system. Money is a social experience of communication and agreement. The value of money is determined by the buyer and seller in every transaction. All transactions are negotiable and optional. Everything can be purchased without money if we have enough creativity and salesmanship or something to trade. Profit is the creation of new money out of nothing but the imagination of the individual business person. It is put in the bank when someone pays the profit. When a business person buys a piece of furniture, for example, and doubles the price, he or she is creating a profit or new money for themselves out of nothing. All profit is a way of printing money out of nothing. When a doctor, lawyer, or breath worker sets a fee for their service, they are creating money out of nothing. The value of our time and service is created out of our imagination and communicated to our clients by agreement.

Taxes mean we produce to earn money to give to the government to buy what we produce – it is double work – it is a great injustice and ignorance. We the voters can just authorize each government to print the money for our community project needs. Our local and national governments have the right to print money for their budgets. Taxes are optional, unnecessary, and obsolete. The bankers figured this out and took advantage of it.

The bankers took advantage of the ignorance of the people by stealing the US money system from us. As a result, the US money system is the most corrupt in the world. It is time for the people to rediscover ownership of money. We have the legal power to print money. The bankers print Federal Reserve Notes out of nothing and loan their money into circulation and charge us interest. It is only our ignorance and apathy that keeps us from doing it ourselves.

Before the invention of money, kings had to tax farmers to feed their armies and workers. When money was invented, taxes became obsolete. Kings could then print money and buy food for their soldiers and workers. They also could give an equal supply of money to every citizen to make the money system work in a rational and effective way.


Government Without Taxes

The average United States citizen pays over 53% of his/her personal income in taxes. Yes! Over 50% of your income goes to the government: income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, gasoline taxes, etc, etc.

Does this tell you why everyone is in recession or in financial insecurity? The government, like a giant dinosaur, is eating our farmers, our business people, consumers, etc. Government taxes suppress the poor, private enterprise, the arts, support for the environment – the list goes on and on.

Fortunately, we learned in school that we own the government. So why are we doing this to ourselves? Ignorance. We are ignorant about money and about our citizenship. But no more, not after you finish this essay. You are now getting yourself enlightened and armed with the truth!
The Federal Reserve Bank is a private corporation established in 1913, and very, very rich people who own it are collecting the interest on the national debt as well as on all the money circulating in our economy. Your ignorance is worth billions of dollars every year to them. These billions are coming out of your pocket. Are you going to stay ignorant?

The bankers theft of the money system in 1913 is dependent upon your ignorance. These private bankers print all the money and loan it to us at interest, called the Prime Rate. We pay them interest on our credit cards and real estate loans, etc. We are slaves, all our work pays them.
But if you claim your natural and legal power now, you can instantly double your spendable income as soon as you eliminate taxes. As the source of money with the power to print money, we the people have the authority to authorize our governments to put a credit in its checking account for its annual budget. When we use our natural right as a citizen to create a money system that serves us, taxes are unnecessary. We can authorize our government to print the money for the budget; then we must supply the ideas, goods, and services which we authorize the government to buy. The government can only buy from the people what we produce. The United States Constitution gets its power and authority from us – we the people! We, the citizens, are the sovereign rulers of our governments and our money system. We are the owners of governments and our money system.
For example:

  • Your city government has the right to form its own bank and put a credit in its own account equal to the annual budget – in other words, to create the money by the vote of the people. Taxes are not necessary. Taxes are an obsolete holdover from feudal society. Taxes are the result of ignorance about money. Before money was invented, the king had to tax the farmers to get food for his army. But when money was invented, the king could print money and buy food from the farmers. Taxes have been obsolete since money was invented, but we the citizens have been too ignorant to notice the Truth about money.

George Washington did this. He printed enough money to finance the Revolutionary War. After the war, however, Washington’s money system failed because he didn’t understand money enough to give all citizens a regular supply. He only printed money for government expenses, so only people who did business with the government got money. All other business people rebelled by raising prices to get some of this money. The rebellion didn’t cause Washington to distribute money in a fair and equal way so his money system failed. When they started printing money again, it was based upon gold as a standard. It made everyone equally poor, but since it was equal poverty, this move stopped the rebellion.
One of the eternal principles of a rational money system is that everyone deserves an equal supply each time it is printed. We can also print extra money for community projects which we all agree upon.

  • Your state government has the right to print money, just like the Federal Reserve Bank and American Express (which are both private corporations). If private corporations have the right to print money, so do public governments.
  • The county Board of Supervisors has the natural, moral, and legal right to print money for its budget. We, the voters, own the money system.
  • The United States Congress has the constitutional right to coin enough money to pay the national debt. All governments have the natural and legal right to print money. Citizens and congress people are just ignorant about money.

Now, consider this concept. You, as a citizen, deserve a monthly dividend check based upon the social and financial prosperity of your local economy as well as the gross national product of the United States economy.

Think of that! You deserve a percentage of global prosperity as well as the cash flow of every business. You deserve to prosper as a laborer or as a consumer. You deserve to be a shareholder in your economy and receive a monthly dividend check based on the ideas, goods, and services produced and consumed. Poor people deserve to be financially independent as much as the rich. As a natural divine human being, a child of God, you deserve a percentage on every commercial exchange of wealth on the Planet. All natural resources are a part of our net worth at birth and we deserve royalties on them. Individual citizens should receive taxes from the government not pay taxes to the government. A percentage of every government budget has to be distributed to every citizen equally in order to maintain our present levels of prosperity.

A rational money system works best when consumers receive a regular supply of cash. This is the way the money system works for the rich and intelligent citizens who have regular income from investments and it can be the same way for us. As a consuming human being, you deserve a regular cash flow based upon the total production of ideas, goods, and services in your economy. Multi level marketing companies practice this principle for consumers; the New York stock exchange practices it for investors; profit sharing companies practice it with employees; banks practice it with savers.

We citizens deserve an equal supply of money, monthly, based upon the total amount in circulation. The amount of money in circulation should be adequate to support our production of wealth and our consumption of what is being produced for us. If we don’t buy or can’t buy what is being produced because of money scarcity, production stops. It is ok for production to stop when everyone has enough, not because of money scarcity. Money scarcity is foolishness on our part or just bankers’ greed – if they are controlling the money system. The most popular alternative currency is called Liberty Dollars. It is backed by gold and silver and is inflation-proof. You may like to study the excellent information on their website.

Some Congress people are now trying to take the power – our power – to print money back from the bankers and give it to the U.S. Treasury, but it is doubtful they will succeed as long as the bankers can buy U.S Senators or Presidents who will block this move. We voters also have to cure our ignorance and apathy on this issue by participating in local money systems. When we join a local money system, we are learning the truth about money by playing with it. We are learning by doing – the most valuable way to learn.

In the meantime, as Congress battles about this problem, we can solve it in each community by creating a complimentary local or national money system.

All you have to do is to print and distribute or send this short essay to your friends, neighbors, and elected representatives. You have my permission to do this.

Your city council persons probably don’t have the courage to act on these simple ideas without your support. Besides, how could they if they never thought of the ideas before? It is up to you, who now have these ideas, to enlighten them. You must enlighten your government at all levels. I wrote a book on this subject The Truth About Money. If you’d like a copy, send $22 postage paid, to: Inspiration University – PO Box 1026 – Staunton, VA 24402 or you can order it online. This book will expand your understanding of these ideas presented here. You can also order it online by clicking here.


Paying the National Debt

The bankers create money out of nothing and loan it to our U.S. government and charge interest. This procedure was created in 1913 to make the bankers insanely rich. Scholars tell us that the bankers had it passed during Christmas recess when they could manipulate the situation by having enough loyal congress people attend the Congressional meetings to get the Federal Reserve Bank Act passed when their opposition was not present.

Then, they created the I.R.S. as their own, private collection agency to collect taxes from Federal government employees only to pay the interest on the national debt. The I.R.S. has been a private collection agency for the bankers for most of its history. Its purpose has never been to raise money for the U.S. government, but to take money from American taxpayers. This is still the basic purpose of the I.RS.

Since the national debt is created out of nothing, the bankers never desire to have it repaid, but to make it bigger and bigger which they try to do every year so they can get more of our money as interest.

But since this money is created out of money and loaned to us, by law, it returns to nothing when it is repaid. This means that Congress does not have to repay this money by collecting taxes from us poor and stupid citizens to repay the principal, but just vote it out of existence. The national debt is created out of nothing but ignorance. It is a legal fiction. Congress and us are stupid to believe in it.

The Congress that gives the bankers the right to print money out of nothing can use this right itself. All intelligent citizens who have half of a brain to think about it can figure this out. Most citizens don’t think about it. And most Congress people don’t either.

Congress gets the right to print money from us. We, the citizens – the buyers and sellers – have the right to print money within ourselves. The traders of ideas, goods, and services, are the source of money. The workers and consumers are the value of money. Without us, money is worthless paper. It is time for us to realize the truth about money and to build and support alternative money systems.