Some people experience fear during their first few sessions when their body is miraculously being washed inside out with natural divine Energy – fears from the past or fear of new Life. With experience the fear dissolves into pleasure.

The most valuable thing you can know during your first session is that your natural divine Energy is washing away pain and tension. The physical sensations you may experience are not caused by the breathing rhythm nor your natural divine Energy, but by the pain and tension you are releasing. After we release our accumulated tension, we only feel gentle energy flows. There is no longer dramatic sensations. We can dissolve daily unpleasant energy concentrations which we accumulate from participating in the world with Connected Energy Breathing as well as bathing and other spiritual purification practices.

Whatever sensations or fears you may have in the middle of a session, as you keep breathing, they dissolve or recede as the breathing relaxes you. Many people experience the peace that passes all understanding for the first time in their lives. People often say after their first session, “I’m more relaxed than I have ever felt since I was born.”